Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Facts About Miles

1) He thinks his little four wheeler is a lawn mower...

2) He said he first cuss word this weekend. I won't mention where he says he heard it....although his accusation is doubtful. Darrin & I handled it very maturely....we laughed our heads off while he repeated it at least 5 more times b/c we couldn't gain composure long enough to deal with the situation. He has since learned that the word is not nice & luckily has not repeated it again.

3) We have been potty training for 3 months and it's not going well. We've tried everything imaginable, including doing nothing, & he is still having a lot of accidents. He's a smart kid, and I really don't think we started him too early b/c his daycare teacher were the ones that told us he was ready. In fact, she was worried that we missed our opportunity b/c he'd been so excited about it for a while. Frustrated is a complete understatement.

4) His teacher told me that several of the boys in his class had found their fists, and Miles is one of them. Unfortunately I already knew that b/c I've taken a punch to the face :( To be only two, the kid packs a mean punch.

5) Tonight I asked Miles who his favorite person in the whole wide world was......he said, "Jesus".

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy Busy Saturday

We had an extremely busy day and as usual we have pictures to prove here goes...

Miles woke up ready to go. First thing this morning, he climbed on my bed and said, "Momma, you ready for the show?" I said, "Yes, I am"....not really sure what that meant. He started dancing....then told me to eat popcorn.....then told me the show was over.

The three of us went to get donuts...

Darrin took Miles golfing for the first time. Some of Darrin's friends were playing & he really wanted to go but I had a hair appointment so taking Miles was the only option. He was a little hard to manage just b/c he's 2, but overall I think he did ok.

Miles riding with Mr. Tommy & "Spoon" as Miles calls him. I love this picture.

He fell asleep before they got out of the parking lot at the golf course. His nap continued after they got home. I woke him up at 3:30pm to take him to the St. Patrick's Day parade. We watched the parade with his friend, Avery Reece.

The parade lasted about 10 minutes, but he enjoyed it so that was fine with me. His back pack was for all the candy.

After the parade, we watched some basketball on TV and then went to a cookout. Some of our friends had a baby very prematurely and had to spend several months in Nashville. This was a welcome home cookout for them. We live near them, so a few neighbors got together and hung out. The kids had a blast.

It was a really pretty night...

The girls...

The kids were all muddy messes when the night was over...

Miles & Ansley playing with flashlights...

No pictures, but I also spent two hours getting my hair highlighted and went to a consignment sale, and Darrin cut the grass. Miles didn't get up once after going to bed tonight. He was exhausted. I am tired too, but what a fun day. Hopefully tomorrow will be the exact opposite of today....lots of R&R.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

This picture quality is terrible, but I had to post this. It's just adorable. Darrin was stretching his leg and Miles decided he need to also. I love how their clothes match too. Whenever Darrin dresses him, they tend to match.

Some random thoughts...

I'm beginning to think spring/summer is here to stay. I don't like to switch clothes out for the upcoming season until I'm sure the weather is going to last. I just have an issue with wearing a turtle neck one day and sandals the next. So, I've been holding out, but's hot outside. I ordered a few summer clothes online and plan to get the shorts & tees out of the attic this weekend. These gestures will surely bring the first big snow of the year.

Our house is officially for sale. I hinted last week that we were looking and talking about moving but we weren't that serious until we found a house that I might cry if I don't get. Truth be told, I think Darrin might shed a tear or two also. The house we want is for sale by a relocation company so we have to sell ours before we make an offer. They will not accept any offers with a contingency to sell. We've had one person look at our house. Darrin & I have sold three houses and none have gone quickly so I'm not optimistic. It's really a shame b/c I've already mentally moved in and decorated the new house on Pinterest.

I went to a consignment sale tonight to shop for some summer clothes for Miles. I put his clothes in this sale every spring and fall. I didn't have a lot to sell this time, but I put them in just so I could shop early.....and it was so worth it. I bought some adorable things including Easter shorts & back up pants in case it's cold (which it always is), swimming shorts, play clothes, orange chino pants (what up Kevin Creech??), and two pairs of shoes. Shoes at a consignment sale tend to creep me out. They have to be barely worn which these were. This is the best I've ever done at this, so happy. Oh, and I also got Miles a Mr. Potato Head Pirate for $2. He got Spud Lightyear for his birthday from his friend Maddie and he LOVES it. He was so happy with the Pirate version and said "Arghhhhhh" all night.

Miles has taken a step back with potty training. Super annoying. He's been having tons of accidents and bed wetting incidents. I don't know what else to do at this point. For now, the plan is to stop talking about it. He knows what to do and how to do it. He is smart and stubborn....which makes me think that if we leave him alone, he'll decide to do it on his own. We shall see. He's also been a handful at bed time. Tonight he went to bed and didn't get up once. So, I'm going to take advantage and go to bed also. Sleep tight all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Day With Miles

Miles & I have been by ourselves today. He decided that we should start our day at 5:45am. Lucky me. We made blue pancakes and then I did a few things around the house while he watched Toy Story 2. I am not a fan of him watching a lot of TV but I haven't felt great lately and I needed to get a few things done, including a shower.

We visited with some friends that were in town for an hour this morning and then came home to play outside for a little while. The weather was beautiful. After two falls in our muddy back yard, and two outfit changes, I decided it was time to eat lunch and take a nap. Thankfully Miles agreed.

After a two hour nap, we went to see the Lorax. He insisted on taking his back pack with puzzle pieces inside. You never know when you might need to work a puzzle in the middle of a movie theater.

His beautiful blue eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so this was the best of four pics...

The movie was cute and he was glued to it the whole time. He got a little scared during a few parts. I don't understand why kids movies have scary parts. Don't they realize how easily they are frightened? Not to be upstaged by Daddy, who usually takes him to the movies, I got him popcorn, gummy snacks, a drink, and M&Ms.

After the movie we played outside for a little while. He's taking about Lorax here...

Then we took Mack for a walk. Miles did really well holding the leash until he saw some other kids riding their big wheels and decided he wanted which point he dropped the leash and headed for home. Then our little Yorkie tried to attack another Yorkie....and it was time to go home.

Fun day. I'm tired. Ready for Darrin to come home. That's all.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Under the Weather

This picture isn't was taken a few weeks ago when he fell off the couch and hit the corner of the coffee table, but it pretty much sums up how we've all been feeling this week.

Darrin has allergy issues, my blood pressure has been really high all week, and Miles....well we aren't quite sure what's wrong with him, but he hasn't been himself. He hasn't been good at daycare at all. "Hit a child with a toy"..."Screamed at a teacher"..."Pooped in his pants & laughed about it"..."Spit at a teacher"...were just a few of the lovely notes left for us when we've picked him up in the afternoons. He's two, so misbehavior is expected. This week's behavior has been over the top.

He's felt warm, but isn't running a fever. His eyes look puny, but he really doesn't have any other symptoms. He feels like he has a molar coming in but I don't really keep up with how many teeth he has and when they are coming in (bad mom?), so I can't say for sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I told him on the way to school yesterday that he should hug his teacher or sit in her lap if he doesn't feel good. Apparently at some point during the day he laid his head in her lap and then played beside her for 30 minutes.

We don't have any plans this weekend. If we can just get through tomorrow in one piece, there is a lot of R&R in store for the weekend. As I type, Miles is screaming his head off, while fighting bedtime. I better go help. Good night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kitchen Redo

Darrin & I have lived in our house for almost four years. Until I painted Miles' room several months ago, the only thing that we had done to the house in four years was change one light fixture in the kitchen and put down hardwood in the living room. That tells you how bad that one light fixture must have been to be completely singled out like that.

I pretty much liked the colors that were already in house and have lived with the window treatments b/c new ones are expensive and I don't really know where to get started with that. The one room that I have always wanted to change is the kitchen. I've never cared for the nursery yellow color & lack of any decoration whatsoever. Not sure why it took four year to buy a can of paint, but I finally decided to.

I see all these fabulous kitchen remodels on TV....that's not really what I was going for. I just wanted a better color on the wall and a slightly decorated look. I didn't want to spend a fortune b/c I'm not sure how long we'll be in this house. As I've mentioned before, we like to move. The fact that we've lived here for four years is nothing short of a miracle. And, if I was being completely honest I would tell you that we looked a house last week and are looking at another one tomorrow. So....didn't want to invest much, but did want to lose the baby yellow.

My mom came up over President's weekend to help. She's my partner in crime when it comes to stuff like this. For that, Darrin is extremely grateful.

I realized a couples hours after we got started that I forgot to take before pictures. Major no, no. I think you'll still be able to catch my drift.



I ordered this spice rack on Amazon & bought the jars at Bed, Bath & Beyond. This is one of my favorite things about the redo...

It's hard to see but those are knives hanging on a magnetic strip. Also purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond...

I never knew what to put over the sink....such an awkward space. Now we have a chalkboard where I love to leave "Honey, please do lists" for Darrin. You can't see but that is exactly what is on there now...

I bought the curtains on Etsy & I am in love. Also hard to see but they are a Chevron pattern...

I bought this frame last week. The colors coordinate & it seemed fitting b/c Miles is always saying "we are a family"....

I am very pleased with it. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. We cook almost every night & I also like to bake. Simple changes, but the new kitchen makes me very happy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Build A Bear - Take Two

We took Miles to Build A Bear to spend the rest of his gift certificate from Christmas. You can read about our first experience at Build A Bear here. We left with a camo bear, in a football jersey, wearing basketball shoes....named Rumplestiltskin.

On the way there, Miles kept saying he wanted two Rumplestiltskins. Sure enough....after looking at the bears again, he wanted the exact same bear. We really didn't care and were about to let him get it....b/c that's not at all a battle that we care about...but then a girl working there held up a rabbit and he was sold.

He stuffed him, gave him a bath, picked out a soccer outfit, and then it was time to name him. We were very curious about what he would come up with this time.

Please meet.....Winne the Pooh....

This picture pretty much says it all. He's far more interested in the Pez dispenser he's holding, than he is about Winnie the Pooh. As soon as we left the store, he was over him. And with that, we are over Build A Bear.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Raising a Boy

I'm sure many of you saw this on Facebook, but I must blog about it for my own records. It's just too good. The other day I came home from work to find Darrin teaching Miles how to pee outside. I've heard several people say that it's a great way to teach your boy how to pee, so whatever, seemed fine to me.
The next morning, we let Miles play outside for a little while before daycare. It was so nice outside & the kid loves to be outside. Darrin was watching him from inside. All of the sudden Darrin said "what is he doing" and quickly jumped up to go outside. I walked around the corner to find this...

It seems that Darrin failed to teach Miles that you only pee outside, not poop. We caught him in time and have since made sure he understands that this is not okay. He now says, "I no poop outside...Mack (our dog) poo poo outside".