Sunday, April 26, 2009

Belly Pics

Our computer is finally working at home. So, here are some belly pics. We started taking pictures last week, which was 20 weeks. I can tell a big difference even in one week.

20 weeks
21 weeks

Nothing else to report right now. We attended birthing class for 6 hours yesterday. It was actually quite informative, too much so in a few cases. As the girl next to me put it, "ignorance is sometimes bliss". Yesterday was the only day that worked with Darrin's schedule. Hopefully we won't forget everything by September.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ultrasound Pics

I had my 20 week dr's appointment today. Everything went fine, no problems. The due date is still very much on track for September 8. The heartbeat was 140 beats/minute which is right in the middle, so I don’t have a guess if it’s a boy or girl. The baby weighs 13.5 oz, which is also on track. The baby moved the entire time we did the ultrasound. In the ultrasound technician's words, “our baby was a lot of fun”.

Cute feet! Take a look because they will never be this small again. This poor child will inevitably have enormous feet. Darrin wears a 14, and I wear an 8.5 (and I'm only 5' tall).

We stuck to our original plan of not finding out what we are having, even though it was REALLY hard. Knowing that all we had to do is ask and we would know was torture. I've always wanted to be surprised, and Darrin is gracious enough to go along with it, so for now....we still don't know what we are having.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First update coming soon....I promise. I'm waiting on our new computer at home (old computer was hit by lightening). Hope to have pictures and an update about my doctor's appointment, which is Wednesday, posted soon. Check back soon.