Friday, August 28, 2009

Pics of Miles

Life with Miles is great!!! He is a really good baby. He enjoys his naps and rarely cries. He's still figuring out how much and when he wants to eat. Right now he's calling the shots.....we'll worry about a stricter schedule in a few weeks.

Darrin left for his first tournament (in Louisiana) yesterday. He'll be home late tomorrow night. I think he's surviving being away from us, but has requested several pictures of Miles :) We are fortunate that he has a job he loves, which makes leaving a little less difficult. My friend, Stephanie, was nice enough to come stay with me while he's gone. I'm recovering from the c-section but not quite ready to go it alone. And, I can't drive for 2 more weeks, so I really need someone here with me. Stephanie is a HUGE help and I have been able to take it easy and concentrate on getting better. Thanks Stephanie for the laundry, food, bottle making and baby rocking!

A few pictures...

With his cousin, Olivia....
With his cousin, Ava....

Miles is not much on bath's just too cold! Being bundled afterwards is definitely the best part.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First of Many Firsts

Miles had his first appointment with the pediatrician this morning. Dr. Bates said he looked great. He weighed 6lb 12oz this morning, which is only an ounce away from his birth weight. That tells you what a good eater he is! He barely made a sound during the entire exam. His jaundice levels had to be rechecked this morning per the discharging doctor at the hospital. All was ok with that as well. We go back in a week to ensure he has regained his birth weight....shouldn't be a problem.

So far life at home with Miles has been great. He is such a good baby. We didn't sleep much the first night mostly b/c of us, not him. Last night was better. He only got up once at around 2:30am for a bottle and then back to sleep!

I almost forgot to mention that the dogs have been fine. After months of worrying, they really could care less about him. We think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Miles doesn't cry. I'll let you know how Bobo reacts if Miles ever decides to use his lungs!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's a Boy!!!

Miles Cooper McClure arrived at 1:32 am on Friday, August 21st. He is unbelievably perfect! We are overwhelmed with love for him.

When someone I know has a baby, I'm always curious how everything went with the labor process. Was it quick, were there issues, did she have to have a c-section, etc.... So, for those curious like me, here's the long, long story....short.

I went to the doctor for my weekly visit on Wednesday. He noticed signs of preeclampsia, so he sent me to the hospital for monitoring and then home with plans to return the next morning for follow up monitoring. On Thursday morning, he decided it was time to induce due to the progression of the preeclampsia. We started induction at 9:30am. It appeared from my contractions that things were going to progress quickly. Wrong. I stayed at 2 cm for approx. 12 hours, despite strong, painful contractions. My doctor was nice enough to let me have an epidural early in the day. Around 9pm, he started talking about a c-section, which at this point I was fine with. He said that something was going on with my body to keep me from dilating. Then out of nowhere....3 1/ which point they set up the room b/c they thought the baby was going to come very quickly. I was completely numb, so they turned off my epidural so I would be able to feel "just enough" to push. I started "practice" pushing around 9 cm and then finally got to 10 cm and started pushing......for over an hour....epidural was gone and I was dying with every contraction. The doctor finally said it was time for a c-section b/c the baby's head was too big for my pelvis. All I wanted to know at this point was how long was it going to take to get to surgery. Seriously, that was my only question for the doctor. He explained that there was a surgery going on and it would probably take 15 minutes to get us in there. Wrong answer. 15 minutes seemed like 2 years. Did I mention that the baby was face up, which makes the contractions come 2 in a row? Again, dying. Screaming. Miserable. Darrin said at one point I screamed to "GET IT OUT OF ME". 15 minutes turned into an hour and oh yeah my epidural wasn't making me numb enough for the c-section, so they gave me something else which took me completely out of the game. When they started the c-section I thought they had forgotten to get Darrin. I had to take my contacts out too, so I couldn't see anything. Darrin leaned down to talked to me and I realized he was in there. Then, after 16 hours of labor, I heard "we have the head out"...."Dad, you call it"....the doctor pulled the baby out, and Darrin said "It's a BOY!!!". I erupted in tears.

Oh, the long story, short is....he's worth every second of it.

I can't finish the post without props to my husband. He was everything I needed during the entire labor process. And, no surprise to me, he was unbelievable during our stay in the hospital. He took care of everything Miles and I needed. I love you babe!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Five Baby Showers later....

I was trying to explain to my mom the other day how much stuff we had gotten, and how extremely generous everyone has been. I thought a few pictures might help. Keep in mind, to date I have bought: 1 diaper bag, 3 outfits, a couple packages of diapers, the nursery furniture & bedding. That's it. We have received everything else from friends and family. Amazing.

The closet....Some of the diapers, maybe 1/3...


Onesies, sleepers and gowns...

Blankets and more diapers...
10 packages of diaper wipes and tons of baby wash & lotion....

This doesn't include the bigger items - a stroller, high chair, exersaucer, pack & play, bouncey seat, etc.... One last big "THANK YOU" to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks today, which is a great day b/c at 35 weeks my doctor will deliver here rather than sending me to Louisville or Nashville. So, we are very relieved to get to this point. 7 more days of medicine and then we'll see. I predict it won't take long b/c I'm still having up to 5 contractions an hour even while taking the pills.

Darrin's volleyball team threw a baby shower for me on Sunday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but with the whole bed rest thing, he had to tell me. Here is a picture of the girls, minus two that couldn't come. They are really a great group of women. I think Darrin and his assistant coach, Kristi, have done a great job recruiting not only great athletes, but girls with great character. They're smart, fun and considerate.

This is the team captain, Lauren, and his assistant coach, Kristi. They were responsible for the planning, and did a great job.
The gifts were amazing.....lots of clothes, toys, scrapbook stuff, lotions & wash, bibs, blankets, etc. I even got a facial from a local salon that I love, Styles on Broadway! Thanks for spoiling me Kristi!
Some of the girls made onesies with orange & blue puff paint! They are so cute. The middle has a pack of diapers in it. How cute!

This was my last shower, and we are beyond prepared for this baby. I jokingly have been saying that "if it's made for a baby, we have it". But, that is absolutely the truth - we have so much stuff. All we need now is little Miles or Hallie.