Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Day of Doctors' Appointments

Our morning started at an appointment to check on Carson.  Miles has been looking forward to this b/c it was his first ultrasound to see Carson.  I explained how it would go before got there and he said, "That's exactly how I imagined it."  He loved it and soaked up every minute.

The appointment went well.  He's still on track with his growth.  Right now he's in the 39th percentile.  I was a little concerned b/c that sounded slightly undeveloped to me, but the tech, who is a friend from college, said that they are only worried if the baby is under the 10th percentile.  The tumor hasn't grown from the last visit, so that was great news.  I had my second glucose test and will receive the results tomorrow.  I go back in 4 weeks for another check up and an ultrasound to monitor the baby's growth, as well as the tumor. 

Darrin and Miles left right after the ultrasound to head to the orthopedic doctor to see about his wrist. I called right at 8am to get an appointment and they were able to see him at 9:30am.  I hated to miss it, but I still had blood work, some shots, the glucose test, and a visit with my doctor.  I told Darrin to send pics.  This was the first one I received.  You would think that he would learn what kind of pics I like for the blog after 7 years of this, but not so much...

I was hoping to finish with my appointment and meet up with them, but their visit went pretty quickly, so I walked into the building just as they were walking out.  Miles said it didn't hurt and he likes his new red cast.  He chose red for Darrin's team.  It is so much smaller and lighter than the temporary cast, so I think he feels very relieved at this point. Darrin redeemed himself with this pic...

I was hoping for a waterproof cast and a recheck in 3-4 weeks, but neither of those happened.  They don't offer waterproof casts there and the doctor didn't like them anyway b/c of skin irritation.  We can order a waterproof cover to work for water days at daycare and anything else that might come up in the next several weeks.  Unfortunately, we don't go back for six weeks.  That's a bummer, but I'm sure time will pass quickly.  Praying that it's completely healed at that point and they don't have to put another one on.

Next stop, a dentist appointment for Miles.  This was already on the books and since I had to reschedule once, I really wanted to keep this appointment.  He was happy to show everyone his new red cast.  His check up went well and the dentist really bragged on his teeth.  Always good to hear that he/we are doing what we are supposed to in that department.

I ended up taking the day off.  Just too much going on to get anything done at work.  Miles has been a champ today.  The cast isn't slowing him down at all.  We managed to squeeze in a trip to the library.  I really want to him to continue reading this summer since he progressed so much during the school year.  He really does a good job with reading and he seems to like it.  It always amazes me to see him enjoy reading, even when he has to struggle through, b/c I do not like reading at all.  When he comes to a word he doesn't know, many times he will say, "Don't tell me" while he works hard to sound it out.  He figures out about half of them on his own.

He also worked outside with Darrin.  He asked to cut the sleeves out of the shirt b/c he "wanted to be just like Dad."  Be still my heart.

The cast isn't slowing down some baseball practice either.  He can't throw or bat, but he & Darrin figured out that he can catch and then throw the balls down.  Thankfully we have a large bucket of balls that I bought on Craigslist, so they can throw for a while and then pick them all up.

It's been a busy day, but extremely productive.  I'm so thankful that we were able to get Miles into the orthopedic today so we can begin this healing process.  Tomorrow, he starts day camp at a church right beside my office.  We've never had to worry about someone to watch him during the summer b/c he's always been in daycare.  Since he went to afterschool this year at the school, we didn't have anywhere for him to go this summer.  The day camp is for ages K-5th grade.  It's basically daycare with a lot more activities.  This will be the first time, between daycare and school, that he won't have to take a nap.  He hasn't taken one at home consistently for a couple years, but day after day of endless activities and no nap will probably catch up fast.  I'm expecting one tired kid tomorrow night.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

28 Weeks & Miles' Second ER Visit

Hello 3rd trimester!  I am 28 weeks today & feeling pretty good. I randomly have a bad day, but for the most part they are good.  Bad days may consist of contractions, back pain, fatigue, insomnia, or heartburn.  Not all at once, but those are my only issues and I think they are fairly mild.  I had a few hard weeks around the 20 week mark but I think I've learned how to pace myself and it's definitely helping.

This pregnancy has been much easier than Miles'.  I think I'm in better overall health b/c I've been treating Lyme for 6 years and before we didn't know I had it, and also it's just a different perspective this time.  I feel blessed to be having this baby and I also know that pregnancy is a means to a wonderful end that is incredibly worth it. With Miles, I felt like I was pregnant for years.  This time, I've tried to just carry on with life and let the days pass by.  That's much easier to do with a good pregnancy.

A couple things that are getting me through this pregnancy are Zip Sox.  Ummmm these have been a game changer for me.  I've been able to completely cut out the swelling by wearing these while I'm at work. Bonus...they were $4.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I really think the lack of swelling has made everything else better.  I only wear them while I'm at work.  You can't see them with my dress pants unless I sit down, and usually my feet are under my desk.  No swelling = still rocking my heels. 

This is a crazy one, but Sonic water.  Drinking a lot of water is the only way to cut down on the contractions.  It's been a little challenging b/c water gives me heartburn, but I've been trying to drink as much as possible.  It just tastes better from Sonic...the cup, the straw, the's just better.  Whatever works, right?

If you know me well, you know I'm not a fan of pregnancy.  I've tried hard to embrace this one and be joyful. I'm not stressing about the weight gain this time or an occasional bad pregnancy day.  This too shall pass and what a blessing we will have.  Breathe by Jonny Diaz is my new theme song.  The Lord has taught me so much during this pregnancy about slowing down. Not everything has to be perfect and there is more to life than my 'to do' list.  I love the line in the song that says "Lay down what's good and find what's best".  It's not that my things are bad, but there might be something more important, such as spending time with boys that will grow up way too fast.

Speaking of boys...this one had an eventful day.

At the very end of our church service, someone came in to get Darrin.  They didn't say why. I was hoping they just needed his help with something, but I was a little concerned that something happened to Miles.  It didn't seem too urgent and I always try to let Darrin be the great dad he is.  No reason for me to run and inspect the situation.  I don't claim to be an expert on parenting, but I will say that way too many women dismiss dads as if to say that moms are the only capable parent.  Not true and in my opinion, it's an injustice to dads and for children to witness!  Church ended in five minutes and I was just on my way to find Darrin when he came to get me.  

The kids went to the playground during church today.  Miles jumped up to get on the monkey bars and fell on his wrist.  He was clearly in pain when I got to him.  Everyone had taken good care of him, but some nurses that go to church with us said that we needed to take him for x-rays.  There was a time just a year ago that I said we wouldn't ever be able to tell if Miles was hurt b/c he cried over everything.  Those days have been over for a while and it was clear today that he was hurting. 

To make a long story short, when we checked into the hospital, a nurse took one look as we were checking in and called to the back to say that it was broken.  They got us back quickly. X-rays confirmed that he has a greenstick fracture, which is apparently painful, but the best kind you can have.  We've been reassured by the ER doctor, some nurse friends, and another mom that has dealt with we are super hopeful that we are facing a quick recovery.  We have to follow up with an orthopedic on Tuesday. 

I have to say, he was a trooper.  He was in pain and scared of what the ER visit might entail, but he was brave.  Even just a year ago this would have been a travesty.  He sure has grown up.  It's so nice when little people develop reasoning skills!  He was in a pain after we got home. I think he was bored and reality set in a little. The three of us played some games and then he was fine.  He's just going to need extra attention until he gets a hard cast and can move a little more freely. 

The biggest disappointment is the end of baseball season.  He made it through the regular season, which we are very thankful for, but he will miss the tournament.  Also, he was selected for the All Star team and he'll have to miss that too.  Minor in the scheme of life, but sad nonetheless for all three of us.

We've not dealt with any broken bones or long illnesses with Miles. After today, I have a new appreciation for these types of incidents.  It was a hard day. It was sad to watch Miles in pain. It was scary to wonder if he would need surgery for a bad break.  It was heartbreaking to know that his little dreams of All Stars and a fun summer have changed.  It was just a sad day. In my mind all day, I kept thinking about how much worse things could be. We made it through the regular season of baseball, we don't have a vacation scheduled, Carson's not here yet, and so many other things that could be terribly wrong.  Even knowing and believing those things in my head, it was still a sad day.  I've always seen kids with broken bones and such and never really gave much thought to the parents. I have a new empathy.  Miles is asleep now with the help of some pain meds.  Hopefully we will all get a sufficient amount of sleep.  Good night, all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Last Day of Kindergarten

For comparison's sake, here is the first day of school...

And here is the last...

He has matured a lot this year. He is able to read, and according to his teacher, he is very responsible with his work and belongings. Most of the year, when asked, he would say that he didn't like school and his teacher was just okay.  Although, he never once complained about having to go to school.  He was always ready early and was usually asking when it was time to leave. 

As the school year was coming to an end, he would say that he didn't want to leave Mrs. Penney b/c she was a fun teacher.  He says he's going to miss Tyler and Gaige over the summer.  These are his closest friends from school.  We couldn't have asked for any nicer friends.  Both are well behaved and kind, and we really like their parents.

He sat at the same table all year, the blue table, with Owen, Gaige, Tremara, and Taegan.  

His tests scores and report card show that he mastered all Kindergarten skills and he's very ready for first grade.  

He has his arm around his girlfriend, Adalyn.  I'm not ready for this.  He tends to put his arm around whomever is next to in a picture, so I'll just pretend that is what he's doing here.

I took a half a day off work to celebrate the last day of school.  I wanted Miles to know that he did a great job and it was worthy of celebration.  We planned for his friend, Tyler, to come home with us and play for the afternoon.  I thought of several things that might be fun, but decided that boys just really like to play at home.  I picked them up in a chaotic car line and had a small gift bag for each of them.  Most of it came from the dollar aisle at Target.  The Pokemon cards were the biggest hit.  When Miles saw the bags, he said, "You got us presents?" and immediately leaned up to the front seat to give me a kiss.  That's a sweet boy I have.

The boys played dodge ball outside, ate popsicles, played video games, and traded their Pokemon cards for hours.  Miles was shocked every time he asked to do something and I never said no :)  I think they had a fun afternoon. 

As I've said already, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.  I'm thankful for a resilient little boy that fought through the hard part of change and had a successful first year of school.  Change doesn't come easy for him, but he worked it out.  In the process, he developed some great friendships, memories, and hopefully confidence to build on.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Miles spent the night with a friend for the first time this weekend.  He's tried once before but didn't make it all night.  He was invited to his best friend, Colin's birthday party, which was a movie and sleepover in Martin. 

Colin and Miles went to the same daycare since they were infants, literally from 9 weeks on.  Miles has missed him terribly since we moved.  There was one other boy at the sleepover that also went to the same daycare.  I thought if there was ever a chance that he would make it all night, it would be with these friends.  He had a great time and the sleepover was a success!

The plan was for Darrin and I to go on a date while Miles was away.  Late in the day on Friday, I texted Darrin and told him that I really wasn't in the mood to go out to eat.  He agreed.  We decided to stay home with the promise that we would still spend time together rather than falling asleep on the couch at 8:30pm which is always tempting.  We ended up playing three hours worth of games.

Then, at 10pm we ate McDonald's.  It's a fancy life we lead. McDonald's breakfast all day = genius.

On Saturday morning, we dealt with sleepover aftermath. Poor kid was so tired that he couldn't even function. I tried not to hold it against him b/c his emotions were literally out of his control.   He was crying, throwing pillows, and kicking over stools.  Fun times.

He finally fell asleep on my lap and woke up an hour later, back to his normal self.  

I didn't feel great on Saturday, but there were a few things I really wanted to accomplish while Darrin worked all day on the yard. I decided to pay Miles to do them instead.  He earned $10 for scrubbing the mailbox, cleaning my shower floor, bringing the trash can back from the road (it's a haul), and watering the flowers.  Money well spent.

Kids like to work....don't let them fool you.  He kept telling me how good the Comet cleaner worked :)  He was proud of the job he did.

On Saturday night, we had some new church friends over for some backyard fun.  

We roasted hot dogs & made smores.  I highly recommend the big, flat marshmallows for smores.

The kids had fun together too.

They loved riding and exploring.  They played and caught fireflies after it got dark.

We agreed that it needed to be a weekend tradition b/c it was cheap & easy fun.  After everyone left, Miles was exhausted from the weekend. As he was getting in the shower, he asked if I would make a snack so he could eat and go right to bed when he got out.  And he did just that.

I haven't felt great day, but I'm hoping it's just an off day.  I've found with this pregnancy that most of the days are good, but every now and then, I seem to have a harder day.  Today was one of those days. I thought my blood pressure might be up, which is very concerning since they are really watching that, but it wasn't. I took a long nap and did feel a little better when I got up.  We had our small group over tonight. The weather was so beautiful that we had our lesson on the patio.  After everyone left, Miles and Darrin threw the baseball for a little.  They practice once or twice everyday b/c Miles loves it so much.  He's gotten sooooo much better since the season started.  Obviously the coaches have helped, but I credit a lot to Darrin working with him a little bit every day. 

Now it's time for a little TV before calling it a night.  Tomorrow is the last day of school.  It's a half day.  I took a half day off of work so I could pick him up for a little celebration.  One of his friends is coming home with him for the afternoon.  I can't believe this year is already over.  It's been a good one!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Less Words Wednesday

In last night's game, this little boy fielded a ball on his knees at the pitcher's mound and then threw the runner out at first while still on his knees.  Not bad for a six year old.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Baby Boy Has a Name & a Room

Little brother will be called Carson Lynn McClure. We just like Carson and Lynn is my middle name.  Since Miles has Darrin's middle name, Cooper, we wanted this baby to have a family name too.  Since choosing the name, I think I've heard of a million little boys named Carson.  I know it's more common than Miles, but I thought it had run it's course several years ago.  I actually still think that's the case.  I'm just hearing it a lot b/c of kids that are Miles' age.  Hopefully there won't be a gazillion Carsons in his class one day.

My mom came up a couple months ago and helped me get started on the nursery and I was able to put the finishing touches on last week.  Thank goodness for Pinterest is all I have to say. If I can follow an example, I am fine.  Decorating with my own ideas never turns out well.  This was my inspiration...

This is Carson's room...

The wall in the example is black, but Carson's is navy.  The color is Sherwin Williams' Anchors Away. I actually thought the Pinterest room was navy, but regardless I wouldn't have been brave enough to paint a wall black.  I love the navy.  The trees are vinyl decals from Amazon.  They were a little tricky at the beginning, but my mom and I made a pretty good team installing them.

There are only a few things in the room that were brand new. Almost everything was secondhand from Craigslist, FB swap shops, or another room in our house.  The curtains were new from Target.

The little table and the bookshelf in the background also came from Target.  The bookshelf was quite a challenge. By my measurements, it should have fit exactly in the space, but I failed to take into account the baseboards.  We ended up having to remove the baseboards on both sides, squeeze the bookshelf in, and then cut, reinstall, caulk, and paint the baseboards. Major pain, but I love it now.  Darrin was a trooper despite my poor measurements. The closet in this room is fairly small, so I think the bookshelf will help with toys in years to come. 

On the bookshelf.  "Welcome Little One" frame, which was a gift from Darrin's parents when Miles was born.

The changing table was bought used from a FB swap shop.  It was a stained wood.  I went back and forth on what color to paint it and landed on a shade of red like the Pinterest example.  It looks orange in the pictures, but it's actually a deep red.  This was my first experience with chalk paint.  It was a learning experience.  Two different paint colors, four coats, two different top coats, and one week later I love how it turned out.  Chalk painting is the way to go.  Maybe I'll blog one day about what I learned in another post, but I will definitely be chalk painting again.

The monogram letters came from Etsy.  I was very impressed with the quality.  It came unfinished and I painted it Sherwin Williams' Perfect Greige.  I think it looks good next to the navy wall and the white vinyl trees.  The crib came from Craigslist.  It was 2 hours away from me.  It was only 45 minutes from my mom, so she & a friend picked it up for us.  I love it.  It's very nice and we saved a ton of money.  I did buy a new mattress b/c I wanted my baby to have a new, soft place to sleep.  I think comfortable cribs (not too soft at first...I know) are one key to good sleep habits for babies.

I ordered some adorable fox sheets on Amazon that eventually couldn't ship b/c they were no longer available.  I settled on these.  They are cute, but not as cute as the original order.  There were several on Etsy that i loved but they were between $50-75 for one fitted crib sheet.  I've been known to make some stupid decisions for the sake of kids, but that is just ridiculous.  The quilt is Darrin's baby quilt.  Miles used it some too.  It is so soft.  My mom mended some tears and it's ready to go.  I love the way it looks in the room.

The teddy bear on the left is also Darrin's.

The entire changing table is filled with baby clothes Newborn - 6 months that are washed and ready to go.  I also have a tub full of 12-24 months clothes.  I've done a little shopping, along with the grandmothers, but most of it has come from FB shops and generous friends.

I know it's kind of early to be completely finished with the room, but the Pinterest idea just came to me and I was ready to get it done.  I like to have the room finished so that as I buy stuff or as we receive gifts, I can go ahead put everything in it's place.  Plus, you never know if the baby will come early or if I will get put on bed rest and not be able to do anything.  I had fun setting the room up and I'm very happy to have this 'to do' checked off the list.  Thank you mom & thank you Pinterest!