Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

We had such a busy weekend. I am exhausted, but we had fun. Miles had baseball practice on Friday night.

I could have dropped him off and let one of the coaches bring him home, but Carson and I decided to stay. 

The timing worked well with Carson's schedule, so I thought he would content. 

I was right. He sat on a blanket and played during the entire practice. It was a little chilly towards the end, but he kept his hood up the whole time. It actually works nicely that the jacket is 3 months. It's snug and stayed close to his head and ears.

After practice, Miles stayed up late and cheered Kentucky onto a win.

I walked in the kitchen for a minute and came back to this.

A field trip and baseball practice makes for a long day and one tired, little boy.

On Saturday, Miles went to a laser tag birthday party. He was in heaven.

Mason is in his class. Every time that Miles refers to Mason, he calls him "my best friend Mason". They are big buddies. I had never met his mom, so I was happy to go to the party and get to know his family.

When Miles goes to a birthday party, he thinks the birthday kid is there only for him. He's always been like that. In fact, I think I written that on this blog before. He was practically glued to Mason all afternoon.

Today, Miles had a baseball scrimmage with his travel team. It poured rain last night, so I was very surprised that we played.

It turned out to the be the perfect day to kick back and watch baseball.

The third hit of the game came to Miles. He fielded it and made a perfect throw to first to get the kid out. The whole day wasn't like that, but I sure was proud of him.

He held his own at third and made some good plays in center field too.

Miles really seems to love baseball. He is making some great friends too. Miles and Drake...

Miles and Will...

One of the moms came up to me afterward and said that Miles has been really sweet to her son, who is younger and doesn't know anyone. I sure love to hear of him being kind....nothing more important than that.  

Speaking of kind...Stephanie was kind enough to watch Carson all afternoon so I didn't have to take him to the games. I think he rather enjoyed his time with Stephie.

He wasn't lacking for attention with her nephews there.

In other news, Carson revolted against baby food this weekend. I don't know what in the world went wrong, but he would freak out about half way into the first jar at every feeding. Because of that, he got to try some new foods and loved them all...broccoli, watermelon, sweet potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, and oatmeal. I think he wants real food. His teacher said that she's not ready for that b/c he's the faster, cleanest eater in the class. Way to go, Carson! He really is the neatest eater I've ever seen.

Darrin was out of town all weekend and we've missed him. I've held down the fort to the best of my ability, but I'm ready for my helper to be home!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Discovery Park

I took off work to go with Miles on his field trip to Discovery Park.

It's an hour drive from the school, so by the time you factor in two hours of drive time, we only had 3 hours at the park. Three hours feels like ten when you are trying to keep up with first graders. 

We've been to Discovery Park a couple times, but it's always fun.

There were so many parents there, that we were only in charge of one other little boy, Nathan. He and Miles had a good time together.

The boys got a sack lunch from school and I got something from the snack bar. When I brought mine back to eat with them, Miles grabbed my hamburger and Nathan ate my fries. I was happy to share :)

I think Miles is the official shoe tier at school. 

We ran into some friends throughout the day.

Miles, Nate, and Tyler play baseball together. Such sweet friends.

I was able to drive Miles home which meant that we could stay at the park a little longer and play.

His buddy, Gaige, stayed with his mom too. They have a really big slide that the boys rode at least 20 times. Miles was scared earlier in the day, so I was happy to sit while he rode it over and over again. Anything to conquer one of his fears. You have to wear shoe covers. He helped Gaige with his until he got the hang of it. Proud of my little helper.

It was a fun day, but I am exhausted! Chaperoning a field trip with first graders is no easy chore.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

A substitute teacher gave Miles a bracelet that said, "I was caught being good." His behavior has improved so much at school.

Carson isn't crawling yet, but he learned a new trick. He likes to bounce like this.

These two love each other so much.

My view while getting ready in the morning. He loves to sit on a blanket and play with toys. He gets so excited when you start spreading the blanket out.

This is a little thing we call "hang Carson on the wall". It makes us all laugh.

Miles fed Carson for the first time the other day. He did a great job!

He's up to 6-7 jars of baby food a day. I feel like all I do is buy baby food.

Miles has been in 2nd place in his class in AR (reading) points for a while now. The other day the kid that was in first was out sick, so Miles went and got a bunch of books and passed him. Strategic or opportunistic???

Carson likes to eat. The end.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The First Day of Spring

Based on my Facebook page, it seems that everyone celebrated the first day of spring with a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen, but we don't have a DQ in our little town so we just played outside. We came straight home from work, school, and daycare and Carson & I took a walk while Miles rode his bike.

Miles typically only rides up and down the driveway, so he was happy to be able to ride on the street. Our street is a dead end with only 14 houses, but he's not quite ready to navigate it by himself yet.

Carson just looked around the whole time. He really only smiled with Miles talked to him, but I could tell that he was enjoying it. He does this thing when he's happy or excited where he moves his hands and fingers, like when babies learn to wave bye bye, except his palms are up. He did that almost the entire walk.

We sat in the swing for a while. This is what I imagined when we decided to buy this house...sitting on the front porch watching Miles play in the yard. I just never imagined that I'd be holding another little boy :)

Not a fan of this pic of me, but I couldn't pass up Carson's sweet face.

He sat up for a while watching Miles and then he just laid down on my leg. It was the sweetest. 

We finished the night by throwing baseballs while Carson jumped in his exersaucer on the front porch.

It's so much fun now that Carson is eating more and sleeping longer b/c he is able to go for longer without both things. We got home at 5:30pm and I didn't feed either of them until after 7pm.

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon cooking all of our meals for the week. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather when we got home instead of cooking dinner. We played all evening and then I we ate a salad while I warmed up grilled chicken, zucchini, and squash. I tend to get overwhelmed in the evenings when Darrin has practice, but solving the dinner problem takes a huge weight off. I feel like I was able to spend quality time with the boys, eat a healthy meal, handle bath time, get the boys to sleep and still have a little time before I am able to get in bed at a decent time. Feeling rather accomplished tonight :)