Monday, June 26, 2017

Randomness from Today

Carson was pretty inconsolable during the night. Usually not sleeping well = sickness. He hasn't really been sick, but over the last week he's had a bunch of unrelated symptoms. The only one that I couldn't explain away was hoarseness. Since he was so upset last night, I decided to take him to the doctor to be sure he didn't have strep or something. I thought it was unlikely, but I can be too laid back at times regarding sickness, so I thought we better at least call. The nurse thought I should bring him in for a quick look. He loved the monkey mural on the wall.

She said his throat was red, but that it looked viral as opposed to bacterial. From the looks of it, she said that it was probably hurting him. Hopefully he's on the end of it now since it's been around 5 days already. We left the doctor and picked up Miles on the way home. Then, it was pancakes and sausage for dinner. Everyone was excited about that. Miles and I both got the giggles at dinner. Lots of laughs were had. I was laugh-crying before it was all said and done. 

I am in the process of redoing Carson's high chair (which has gone terribly wrong...a story for another day b/c I am not happy about it at all) so he just roamed the floor while we ate. We reached down and gave him a bite every now and then :)

We did finally give him 2 jars of baby food b/c she said soft and cold would be best for his throat. We've been trying to get away from baby food, but clearly he still loves it. He gobbled it up.

Our long summer days have been fun. A little more chill and less structured. We have been glued to the College World Series for weeks. We let Miles fall asleep watching it on the coach. That's what summers are for, right?

Friday, June 23, 2017


No privacy with this guy around. Reminds me of his brother (here) when he was little.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fussy Baby

Daycare text around 4 this afternoon to say that Carson had a slight fever and just didn't feel good. She told me not to rush, but said that she thought I would want to come get him. It was no surprise b/c he hasn't felt good all week. He's had a low fever, nasty diapers, and has been in a cranky mood really since he had his surgery last week. I think the two are unrelated, but regardless, we are ready for him to feel better. After his bath, Darrin said that he thought his hair should match his mood.

It didn't stop him from playing with every toy in the house tonight.

He has teeth coming in everywhere and is drooling like crazy. Hopefully it's all from teething and he'll be back to his cheerful self soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to our protector, navigator, breakfast maker, handy man, lawn boy, DJ, heavy lifter, top shelf getter, and so much more. You share the load around our house so well and I could not do it without you. Thanks for always bringing the fun to our family and helping us not take life too seriously. Thank you for being the calm to my crazy and always reminding me of what is truly important. Thank you for living a life that is worthy of imitation. Thank you for pointing our boys to Jesus. I am thankful they have you for a role model. We love you!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I Think He's Trying to Tell Us Something

Pretty much overnight Carson learned what it feels like to not get your way 24/7. And, he doesn't like it one bit.

We've started telling him no lately since he's crawling more and getting into things. The changing table has also become a struggle and he ends up hearing 'No' several times.

As 'No' has gotten more stern, he's been perfecting his lip pout and hiding his face in anguish.

Throwing his head back has been in his bag of tricks for a while, but he's getting more serious with it these days. Life is tough.