Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend consisted of volleyball, baseball, and rain delays. Between Miles and Darrin, they had games on Friday at 3 & 7 and on Saturday at 11, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The 9pm game got rained out, but it was a very long day nonetheless. Thanks goodness my mom came to stay and help with Carson. There's no way I could have done it. They ended 3-3 for the weekend. I ended up exhausted. Darrin and the boys have been dealing with a cold for weeks and I pretty sure I'm falling victim now. Off to bed I go. 



Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I'm Still a Good Mom!

I'm going to speak a little truth b/c one day I want to look back and see how far we've come. Carson is a very challenging little boy. He will hit you in the face, bite you so hard it takes the skin off, and throw over a heavy wooden high chair in rage...and that was all just yesterday.

I was in a store trying to check out and he was being loud and uncooperative. I found myself wanting to explain to the man that was ringing me up that I have a very well-behaved 9 year old at home even though it looks like I have no idea what I'm doing. But that's just it, if I've learned anything from parenting these two kids it's that you can raise two kids exactly the same and they will be completely different.

I was at the Walmart Pharmacy yesterday with Carson and an older man yelled from a few people back to enjoy every moment b/c they grow up too fast. I wanted to say "thanks but no thanks". Forgive me for not enjoying every moment right now. These days are really hard. Like really hard. Lately, I've just wanted to cry b/c he completely wears me down. But thank goodness, I have the confidence to know that I'm a good mom even though I don't enjoy every moment. I look at Carson almost daily and can't believe that God gave him to us. I am in awe that we have these two boys.

I am reminded that Miles was pretty tough between 3-5 years old. My hope is that Carson is just getting it all out of his system now :) He is really funny and full of life. We just need to survive these days all the while guiding  him to use his energy and will for a greater purpose.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon, the boys and I drove to my mom's house. it's a little over a two hour drive for us. Something amazing happened...Carson watched a movie on the way there. I've been waiting on the day that TV or movies entertained him. He watched one on the way home so it wasn't a fluke. This is pretty exciting for us.

We didn't get to her house until 8pm, so we took baths and went to bed. Carson liked sitting at her bar for breakfast.

Getting spoiled by Marmee with some whip cream...

I chose not to take the pack and play (since he can climb out of it now) and opted to have him sleep with me and Miles sleep with my mom. It was pretty good except nap time. Carson only slept 45 minutes on Saturday. He woke up prematurely and cried for 30 minutes straight.

It was a dreary day, so we played inside and caught one of Darrin's games online. Carson likes seeing Darrin on the computer.

Saturday night, we went to a retirement party for my brother. Miles and his cousin, who is also in third grade, had so much fun together. They don't get to see each other often, but they always seem to pick up where they left off. They loved my brother's hard hats and all his tools.

Carson had fun with his cousin too. They logged many steps running around the party.

Miles' birthday celebration continued for the 3rd straight month with another gift. We've been celebrating since mid July :)

We saw the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was so vivid.

The boys love playing at my mom's house with all her cool toys. Everyone else's toys are so much more fun.

Church with the fam...

I usually forget to take pictures when we are with my mom. I'm so glad I got this one!

In store for us this week...3 volleyball games, 2 baseball practices, a baseball tournament, an overnight work trip, and school picture day (while I'm out of town). Thank goodness I had today off work to get things somewhat prepared for our week. I have help lined up, food cooked, and clothes set out. No matter what goes down, I tried!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Less Words Wednesday

Seems like a good day to clean out the file that has random pics that haven't yet made it to the blog. There's plenty that never do, but some just linger until I dump them into a random post like this.

No privacy with this one around. He's patiently stalking someone while they are using the bathroom.

Miles snuck this note in my lunch box the other day. I keep it in my desk drawer now so I randomly see it.

Carson took a nap at Stephanie's house the other day while Miles played baseball. I was hoping he would sleep most of the time and he did just that for over 3 hours. Who wouldn't sleep well here???

Carson threw the cup holder from his car seat out his car window tonight at church. It landed underneath the car next to us. Luckily it didn't hit the car. Miles had to get it out using his bat. Never a dull moment with Carson.

When Carson was hanging out with Stephanie over the weekend, he got to play with her sister's dog.

As cute as this dog is and as cute as it is to see Carson playing with him, I can't go back to that kind of responsibility. Never again, and I mean that literally.

A game of hide and go seek. It's fun to see Carson grow up a little and be able to play with Miles. It's never the most challenging game with Carson, but they still have fun :)

Carson's appetite has really picked up over the last week. This belly is what 8 chicken nuggets, 2 apples (whole apples that is), grapes, and a cereal bar looks like. 

I think Carson is used to getting his picture taken. Maybe more so than the other kids in his class :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More Pictures from our Weekend

We have two baseball moms that take pictures during almost every game. They post them to our team's Facebook page. It's like having a professional photographer at the games. It's so nice that they do that for us. Between winning the championship and watching Miles capitalize on opportunities at several different positions, it was a great weekend. Forgive me for the picture overload.

This is while he was pitching his first inning. The moms were asking me if I was nervous. I really wasn't at all. He seemed confident, so I think that helped. I was just happy to see him having fun and owning it. This is the look of happiness.

His arm has been hurting him from pitching and this is why....throwing side arm. Darrin is going to work with him and maybe even do a few pitching lessons to help correct his form. When Miles was looking through the pictures, he pointed out that this picture shows exactly what is wrong. I thought that was pretty observant for a 9 year old.

On the second day, he got pulled during the second inning, I think. He hit a kid in the helmet, which was the only kid he hit all weekend. He told me afterwards that he knew when he hit that kid that he was coming out :)

The 9U Hornets win the championship!