Sunday, September 22, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up

I couldn't get my pictures to upload last week, so I thought I would photo dump everything from my phone tonight. Darrin had his first home game last Tuesday. We are so excited and hopeful for this season. 

They had a battle on their hands, but won in five sets. I paid a babysitter and even though she ended up having to stay an hour longer than I expected, I'm so glad I was there to see the win. Carson, on the other hand, was not happy at all about the babysitter. He freaked out on her for the first 30 minutes, but then he was fine. She said that he told her "I'm glad you stayed" somewhere during the night.

Miles and I came home after the game and Darrin had to stay for a little while. Miles wrote Darrin a note. Miles was so proud of him. He has fallen in love with volleyball and he's as excited as we are about the season. The note mentions the team's four core values for the year, faith, family, grit, and gratitude. I told Miles that he was going to make Dad cry, and it most definitely choked him up.

Carson had a helicopter at school last week. To date, this is his favorite thing they've ever done. He keeps telling us about the BIG helicopter and wants to see pictures of it over and over.

Darrin hosted a home tournament this weekend, so Aunt Crystal and Uncle Steve drove down to watch a game. I actually stayed home with the boys and Granny during the Friday night game b/c Carson wasn't cooperating, so Crystal drove by quickly to see us.

She loves her nephews and they love her. Carson says "Kisstal".

Carson went right to both of them and gave them a hug. That doesn't always happen, so it's obvious he's comfortable with them. They have animals at their house, so there's that. He loves going there.

We had one game on Saturday. Miles loves to sit on the bench. I think that is what has made him become so interested. He says that it feels like you are in it when you sit on the bench. 

Darrin is so gracious towards him. This was between sets. I asked Miles what he was telling Darrin and he said that he was just telling him good job. Darrin and I have both mellowed over the years. We often point it out when we see it in each other. This is an example of how he's changed. Early on, he never would have allowed Miles to be down there and especially not talk to him.

Pa and Granny stayed with us on Friday night. Once again I managed to not take any pictures. Pa took Miles fishing before anyone woke up. Pa and Granny got him a new fishing pole for his birthday and he's been wanting to try it. He was so excited. He was also excited that you could see his arm muscles :) He's been doing 20 sit ups and 10 push ups several days a week to try to develop some muscle tone. He's trying to build up to more, but that's all he could do at first. I told him that I used to do hundreds of sit ups and push ups a week when I was his age b/c I did competitive gymnastics. I think developing muscle tone that early in life has made working out a little easier for me other the years, so he's bought into my theory and is giving it a try. He has a calendar and is marking off the days.

We got to have some lazy Saturday time before the game. Carson ended up falling asleep and Granny stayed home with him while Miles and I went to the game. It was so nice to be able to go and watch without having to take him.

I always tell Darrin that he has a resting frown face. It's easy to think he's unhappy or in a bad mood. I saved a screen shot of his post game interview to prove my point. This was after a good win and he was happy. I rest my case. 

Today was church and a million things around the house. I would have loved to rest, but I can't go into a week unprepared and therefore unorganized. 

This week we have parent/teacher conferences for both kids, volleyball games, baseball, and work to name a few things. It's Darrin's birthday week too! Time to chill before an early bed time!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up

This picture is actually from last Thursday after his ENT appointment. We got a pass for six months. He said his ears look healthy and the tubes shouldn't be causing the ear infections. After talking with him, I think it's from the swimming this summer. Hopefully he will be fine now that they are healthy. Once again, he loved the doctor's visit.

Carson was very excited about Marmee coming. He was looking out every window while we were waiting for her to arrive. 

The boys received birthday presents in the mail from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jeree, and his cousins, Ben & Anna. Carson got a PlayMobil helicopter that Miles helped him put together and some sticker books that came in handy at the above mentioned ENT appointment. 

Miles got a holder for his arrows and a book. The gifts were perfect and both boys were very happy.

On Friday night, Miles went to a friend's birthday party at a video game place called E-Gamers CafĂ©. 

The place was pretty cool. Miles had "THE BEST TIME EVER." The birthday boy's mom is a friend. I asked her if she needed me to set up a Go Fund Me account since 22 kids showed up and you pay per kid. I guess when you have the coolest party ever everyone shows up.

Miles had games on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was beautiful on Saturday morning, but then it got hot.

The tournament was a fundraiser so they had several extras. Carson had a great time on the jumpies. 

He was really good until the very end on Sunday, which was somewhat understandable. I ended up carrying him out surfboard style and almost fell over when I finally made it to the car. He fought me so hard.

Marmee came to watch the first game and then had to leave. Sadly this is the only Marmee pic from our weekend. I need to take more pics with people other than just Miles and Carson.

Carson was sad they didn't have popsicles. Italian Ice for the win.

They tasted like dish soap, but the boys seemed okay with it for some reason.

He used his spoon at first and then said, "I lick it." And so he did. The rest of his body was covered in dirt, so this was no big deal.

Miles' team is in a bit of a slump. They lost all three games this weekend. The last game was a tough loss that came in the bottom of the last inning. 

Miles was excited at the chance to pitch on Saturday.

Carson had a few rough moments over the weekend.

I still have no idea what was wrong during this episode. I don't always take pics of him when he's losing his mind, but I wanted Darrin to see what was going down while he was away. I started to think he was feeling bad b/c nothing I offered helped. I finally gave him a Motrin and that helped calm him. 

Darrin had a preseason tournament in Oklahoma. They went 2-2, but had some really good games. He has one more week of preseason and then conference starts. We are so excited to see how this season goes. 

More baseball on Sunday. Darrin and I were going to take turns staying home with Carson, but we decided to take him to the afternoon game. I am so glad that we did. He had the best time playing in the dirt. If we would have been home, I'm sure we would have been inside b/c it was so hot. We were forced to be outside at the game and he loved it.

Miles is catching in the picture. He doesn't say much about how he feels about any positions other than pitching. I think he tolerates catching. He does a pretty good job at it. I think he's smart for his pitcher and hopefully makes him better. 

Sometimes baseball feels like too much...too much travel, money, time, pressure, stress, etc....but then I see pics like these two and I love the fun he's having, the teamwork, and the lessons. 

It was a fun weekend, but busy as always. We also had meal prep, laundry, and other things. I felt terrible at work all day. I had a headache and was drained. Sometimes I think the busyness and stress of life just catches up with you. My plan is to go to bed as soon as I hit publish so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep. Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow. I have a busy day at work and then I get to watch Darrin's team play at home! Go UU!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Less Words Wednesday

Miles had a field trip to an Ag Day somewhere today. I should know where, but alas I do not. He always loves the bus ride on field trips b/c he doesn't ride the bus to and from school. Maddox and Zach are baseball teammates.

He said he thought it was fun, but everyone else thought it was boring. I don't think that's true b/c I heard other parents say that their kids really enjoyed the trip too.

Miles with Ms. Chelsea and his friends. She is such a great teacher and I think it's b/c she likes kids. Sadly, there are a lot of teachers that don't like kids :(

When I asked him if he had fun, his reply was, "Yes, I got to walk a dog." Poor kid wants a dog so badly.

As he was just going to bed, he said that he learned a lot today. Wherever it was, Ag Day was a success!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I'm Tired Again & Just Like Big Brother

Well, we had one good night of sleep two nights ago and then last night Carson insisted on getting in bed with us. He wanted no part of the cot. I tried to encourage him to go to sleep on the cot instead of our bed, but he sat on the floor and cried. He said, "I want you bed." It didn't take me long to tell him to climb on up. He knows.

Some time after that, Miles came into our room and said he'd had a bad dream. So, I told him to go to sleep on the cot. At that point I was glad that Carson was in bed with us so the cot was free. I still think it's a bad decision to set up a cot in our room, but I just can't fight it right now. Life has me too tired. By the way, this is the cot that we have. It is so nice for company. I think it is so much easier than a blow up mattress. It's really comfortable and it's the size of a twin so it works for kids and adults. The only negative is that it's kind of bulky to store. I wish it fit under our bed, but we have to store it in our master closet.

I have another recommendation. I bought Miles one of these sticker by number books. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but I gave it to him early b/c he was entertaining himself so nicely in his bedroom and I thought he would enjoy it. He loved them and ended up doing four pages tonight. I read about them on this blog. Blog recommendations are the best, in my opinion. I think they would be a cute gift for a boy or girl, ages 6-10.

Meanwhile, Carson is really into Paw Patrol. We are all so thankful that he's taking a break from Moana. His love for Moana runs deeper than Frozen or Tangled and I didn't think that was possible.

When Miles has his shirt off, Carson insists on the same. Carson acts pretty tough and not as sensitive towards Miles as Miles is towards him, but then it's obvious he wants to be just like him.

That's all for me tonight. Darrin is on his way home from recruiting in Arkansas. It's time to get Miles to sleep (Carson is already there) and then it's TV time and bed for me!

Monday, September 9, 2019

4th Grade, Daycare, & He Did It

Miles is LOVING 4th grade. He seems to have a really good connection with his math & science teacher, Ms. Chelsea. He has 27 kids in his class this year which is a lot more than he's ever had. It's kind of nice b/c it gives him more friends. Sometimes when there was only 7-8 other boys in the class, he may not have much in common with any of them. I don't know how a teacher can keep up with 27 kids, but his teacher seems to do a great job at it.

She comes up with fun and creative ways to learn too. The other day she chose 4 students to go help 2nd graders sign onto a test in the computer lab. He was chosen and it made his week. I'm so thankful that she 'sees' him.

The best thing about her is that she has so many rewards to encourage positive behavior rather than focusing on punishments for negative behavior. I should probably take a page from her playbook on that. Most of her rewards are non food related such as writing with a pen for a day, wearing a hat, being the teacher's helper for a day, bringing a stuffed animal to class, etc. It doesn't take much with kids. The homework club is a positive reward for turning in your homework every day of the month. That reward is a Coke and candy bar. 

The first week of school Miles brought home 4-5 papers that talked negatively about Carson. At first it was kind of funny, but then it was a little alarming. He talked about how we went to the beach for baseball and we "had to take my brother. He was really bad in the car."

This one says, "My brother is mean. My dad is tall. My mom is short." That one is a keeper.

"I have a mean 3 year old brother." These are just three examples, but there are more. I finally had a talk with Miles b/c I wanted to make sure he wasn't really bitter towards Carson or truly struggling with how difficult Carson can be. He seems surprised and almost upset that I thought that he didn't 'like' Carson. His first words were, "I love him." The genuineness in his voice was sweet and convincing. I told him that we have to speak nicely of our family b/c we would never want anyone to think that we don't love each other. I heard him instantly making a change and saying nice things to Carson. I'm sure we all need that reminder from time to time.

Carson is enjoying school, but has had some rough patches. I think his ears have really been bothering him which translated to bad behavior. For a while, I was getting bad notes everyday. He even had to go to the office for calling his friends "booty heads". I think some of the notes are silly, but it's still been a rough couple of weeks. The school bus came for a visit today. He really liked that. He said, "I have good day mom."

He had a superhero day a couple weeks ago. He doesn't have any superhero shirts, but I managed to find this one stored away in Miles' room. 

Miles wore this shirt for Halloween when he was Carson's age. It yielded the cutest Halloween pictures to date.

As a follow up to last night's post....I thought I'd report that Carson came to our room in the middle of the night, got on the cot without waking us up, and went to sleep until morning!

This might be one of the worst habits we've ever fostered, but I simply cannot fight him like we fought Miles for years and years. He goes to bed easily every night which is huge. If he could continue this and we could get solid sleep, we are going to call that successful. Darrin and I went to bed before 10pm, which is much earlier than usual, and slept until after 5am. I felt so good all day and still do! That is one reason I'm awake and blogging instead of passed out on the couch.

We'll see what he does tonight. If he continues this, I might be able to blog more!