Friday, March 16, 2018

Our Friday Night and Other Random Things

Miles had a game tonight. I loved the uniform choice. Darrin took Miles to the game while I stayed home with Carson. I hated to miss especially when I heard that he hit a great line drive and caught a pop fly. They lost to a good opponent.

Carson and I read some books and played with his basketball goal. He also ate a great dinner and took a really long bath. I decided to give him a bath in my bathroom so I could put on my pjs and wash my face while he played. It proved to be a very successful plan. We had one hiccup when he played with a bar of soap and rubbed his eyes. He recovered quickly and played some more.

Now for some randomness. Miles' class got a pet hamster named Flash. He was very happy about it at first, but now he says that Flash is nocturnal and no fun during the day. That's too bad. I'm not sure if I blogged about it or not, but Miles went through a pretty rough patch where he did not like school at all. His stomach would start hurting on Sunday night and he would dread going back. Thankfully, it's been better for a couple weeks now.

He went to Mason's birthday party last week. I took him to Toys R Us to pick out the perfect gift b/c the word on the street is that they have the best Beyblade selection.

Carson busted his lip at daycare yesterday. He hit it on the corner of a table. Minus the red puffy lip, this is what Carson's face looks like 90% of the time. The only time it is clear is right after a bath and lotion. Does anyone know why it is red and splotchy? If you do, please comment or text me. It literally goes from looking like this to perfectly clear baby skin in minutes.

Miles received a perfect attendance dog tag at school this week. I guess we have redeemed ourselves :)

Darrin's team hosted a trivia night to raise money for a mission trip to Nicaragua. Darrin's dad, two uncles, and Miles played as a team. Their team name was the McClure Men.

Carson's daycare celebrated Dr. Suess week with green eggs and ham yesterday. He's at the top of the picture. Green eggs didn't slow him down. He still eats all of his food almost every day.

That's all the randomness I have for today. Blogging on Sunday night is usually a challenge so I thought I would get a jump start. Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2018

20 Months

Carson is 20 months old today! It's hard to believe that in 4 short months he will be two. Just a few things to remember about this 20 month old. When you ask him if he's silly, this is the face you get. While he understands a lot of words, he says very few.

He must be watched at all times. If you turn your head for one second, he will pull anything he can reach off of the table. His big brown eyes keep him from the trouble he deserves.

He has the craziest hair. When we try to comb it, he immediately messes it up. It's still growing in, so a trim might be good, but a cut probably wouldn't help.

Most days he walks in to daycare willingly. He likes to eat, but he prefers to snack and graze as opposed to eating a big meal (which I don't like at all). The high chair is not his friend. He is a great sleeper/napper. Riding in the car is still very hit or miss, but possibly has improved ever so slightly. He LOVES his pacifier and shows no sign of parting with it any time soon. And finally, he's a daddy's, momma's, and Miles' boy all at the same time. He loves us all the same.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

Miles' travel baseball season began this weekend. As long as we are playing baseball, the weekend wrap ups will probably happen on Monday night. It's so exhausting and then there's so much unpacking when you get home on Sunday night. We started clean and white on Saturday morning. Miles is top, right.

At the advice of a friend, I scotch guarded his pants before the first wear. I scrubbed them when we got home on Saturday and the dirt came right out. I don't know if it was b/c I did it that night or b/c the scotch guard. I was going to do so good this season and scrub the pants as soon as we got home every night, but I already gave up on that on Sunday. It was a nice thought.

Darrin's parents got us a new baseball cart for Christmas. It's really big compared to most, but it was perfect for Carson.

I thought to grab his chair before we left b/c I thought he might enjoy sitting up higher and he did. He sat through almost the whole first game.

Darrin had to recruit in Nashville this weekend. Miles played in between our house and Nashville so Darrin took a break and drove 1.5 hours to come watch one game. He surprised Miles which was great, but then Miles got a little sad when he left.

While we were watching Miles' game, Darrin said that he should just take Carson back to Nashville to recruit with him. He's always wanted to take him (I think he's CRAZY for this) but I just always thought it would be too hard on both of them. He really wanted to take him and who am I to deprive some father/son time, especially if it means that I get to watch baseball uninterrupted all day and then spend the night at home with just Miles??? Darrin sent several pictures and said that Carson was doing great.

Miles got to play catcher for one inning. He loved it. Our catcher is a natural for their age, so it's hard to move him. As I understand it, we will need more catchers next year when we start kid pitch, so maybe Miles will get to play that position more. I think he likes the action. Outfield can be uneventful.

Miles liked our cart too.

When the sun went down, it got really chilly.

I was planning to take Carson home after the first two games and let Miles ride home with another parent. I hated the thought of missing Miles' game, but it would have been too cold for Carson and he deserved to be home in his nice, cozy bed. After Carson left with Darrin, I made a Walmart run for some warmer gear. I've been wanting a sleeping bag b/c another mom swears that is the best way to keep warm. She does not lie. I will never be without it! It was absolutely freezing outside, but perfectly fine inside my sleeping bag.

He was completely exhausted after 3 games and several hours of waiting around. I'm not sure what time it was. I think we got home between 10-11pm.

Carson and Darrin stayed in Nashville. Both of them coughed all night and didn't sleep great. Carson seemed to feel okay on Sunday, but Darrin felt awful. They drove home early on Sunday and stayed home all day. Darrin had a really stressful week at work and I think it finally got the best of him.

Miles and I got up and made it to church by 9am to celebrate the first Sunday in our new building. It was so nice! We loved it. I missed having Darrin there, but will look forward to the first Sunday that he will be home to go with us.

After church, Miles and I made the hour drive back to the ballpark for more baseball.

It was a fun weekend to be able to spend time alone with Miles. It doesn't happen often and now that he is old enough to behave and carry on good conversations with, it is just that much more fun.

Baseball makes him so nervous. He doesn't have the confidence yet to relax and have fun. I always think that it's just going to be too much for him, but when you ask if he had fun after him after a long, pressure filled weekend, he says it was awesome and can't wait until the next game.

Miles and I stayed around to watch a few more games after his team got eliminated. He was playing a pick up game with a teammate and some kids from other teams. I think that was probably the highlight of his weekend. I was happy for him to have fun b/c sometimes the actual games are a little too intense for this momma. I don't know what it is about baseball, but it's the most stressful by far, at this age anyway.

We left a little earlier on Sunday so he read on the way home instead of sleeping. He can't get enough of books lately. Seeing him read on the way home made me more proud than any of the baseball. I like to see him being active and then enjoying a book. Limiting his electronic time makes all the difference. He didn't even ask to bring them this time.

It was a special weekend for me with Miles, and Darrin would probably say the same about Carson. I'm not going to lie, Carson kind of stresses me out right now :) He's so active and mischievous. And then, he's 30lbs so he can be hard for me to handle. When I have Carson by myself, we just have to stay home and hang out. That's how I enjoy Carson. I'm thankful that Darrin was able to have some time with him and show him sights outside of our house and his daycare. An adventurous weekend was had by all.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dr Seuss Week and 5 Other Random Things

This week at Miles' school they celebrated Dr. Seuss week with crazy socks, a stuffed animal and wacky clothes. I'm not sure what the connection was with all of it, but he had fun. Today, he had to decorate a hat to display his favorite book. Magic Treehouse books are by far his favorite, so he chose one of them. It is called Afternoon on the Amazon.

I picked up a few things at Dollar Tree...a camo hat, some fake fern leaves, a plastic crocodile, and some other plastic animals. He was so happy to work together to make it. He told me thank you at least five times.

It's hard to see, but there is a crocodile in the middle, sitting on a blue poster board which is supposed to be the water. You can kind of see if in the first picture. I thought he might be too embarrassed to wear it today, but he woke up ready to go. He said that several kids told him it was creative. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited before about a project like this.

And now for five things that are totally unrelated. In case you are wondering, my children still look nothing alike. Both at 19 months...

Miles is ready for his first travel tournament tomorrow. Darrin will be recruiting and I'll have Carson with me. Let's all pause for a moment of silence. It should be an interesting weekend. I've packed like you might expect one to pack when they could potentially be stuck at the ballpark with a 1 year old for 8+ hours.

This is Carson's class. All the boys have such cute little haircuts and Carson looks a little wild child. In my defense, his hair is still coming in so there's only so much you can do with it. However, I feel like he might always be the wild one.

I read about a BBQ chicken pizza here and had to try it. She says on her blog that you can buy pizza dough at Sam's, up front where you can buy pizza & drinks. I went this week and asked about it. The girl asked me if I wanted one box or two. I decided to get two b/c even if we didn't like the BBQ chicken pizza, we could make a different kind. Well...$40 later I am the proud owner of TWENTY pizza crusts b/c they come 10 to a box. I mean, what part of Sam's did I not understand? The good news is that I gave away 10 of the crusts to two friends and the BBQ chicken was the bomb so I won't have any trouble using the others.

And last but not least, Carson has way more fun in the middle of the night than I do. He had a couple off nights, but has slept well the last two. We cut him off from AFV b/c he was waking up in the middle of the night and pointing and grunting at the TV as if to say that he wanted to watch AFV. Nope.

Off to bed b/c I need a good night's sleep to fuel my day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Less Words Wednesday

He pretty much has to be followed around every moment that he's awake...


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started on Friday with lots of snuggling since I was home with Carson all day. He still loves to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. It is the only show that holds his attention. He wants to watch it every moment he is awake. He points to the TV and does sign language for "more". Usually he wants to watch it while sitting in my lap, but just today he watched for a while without me. This shows some real promise for my 'to do' list.

Saturday morning, Miles had his last basketball game. I plan to blog about basketball in a separate post soon, but the short version is that he loved every minute of it.

Carson was introduced to Snap Chat by Miles' friend's sister. He was thoroughly entertained.

He was pretty excited to watch his brother play. I can't believe how much he does not look like Miles in this picture.

Miles' friend, Mason, came home with us to spend the night. They went straight outside to play before it started raining.

Miles and Mason are so nice to include Carson most of the time. Mason shows a lot of interest in Carson, which makes Miles happy.

They are always as close as possible while playing electronics. They played hard all day...legos, games, basketball, wrestling...but got more than their fair share of electronic time too.

Since it was 70 degrees in February, that meant the possibility of storms and tornadoes. While we were eating dinner, the weather sirens started going off. We loaded up and went to Stephanie's house. She has a really nice storm shelter/basement.

Since Darrin was out of town and we had Mason, it was important that we take the extra step to stay safe. I think the worst may have already hit at that point, but I didn't want to take any chances. The boys said it was fun and Carson was manageable, so I'll take that.

I took the boys to church. Our church has been meeting in a school for the last 2 years. Today was the last Sunday in the school. Next week, we move to our new church building. Such an exciting time.

It's almost March, which can only mean one thing. My child's pants are 3" too short, but it's too late in the season to buy anymore. Sorry, son.

Darrin made it home from his recruiting trip about an hour before small group tonight. We are glad to have him home. The boys were pretty good, especially since Miles was occupied with Mason (I planned that), but it's always easier with Darrin's help. Now that basketball is over, we start our first baseball tournament next weekend. I'm ready for some time with our baseball friends and warmer weather!