Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8 Year Check Up

I took Miles for his 8 year check up on Monday. He's been complaining of his stomach hurting and his tongue tingling for a couple weeks now. I blew him off a little, but he went to the school nurse one day last week and she was concerned enough to call me. When I asked her what could cause the numb/tingling tongue, she said the only thing that she could think of was low blood sugar. It was compelling enough for me to call the doctor that day.

He weighs 60lbs and is 4' 8'' tall. Both are between the 50-75th percentile. 

All his blood work came back good. She thinks his stomach issues are nerve related from being a Type A, perfectionist kind of kid. I'm not surprised by that, especially since I can relate, but I wanted to hear her confirm that instead of explaining away all of his symptoms. He is taking Zantac daily for a couple months to clear up any gastritis issues that he might have and also to help calm his nerves. She said the tongue was just something to watch since all of his blood work looked good. The visit felt very productive and I'm glad that we went. I'm glad he can have some help with his stomach too. On another note, he handled the finger prick like a champ. There's a first time for everything and that was definitely a first! When I told him they were going to do it, he just shrugged his shoulders, which is a very different scene than the usual hysteria that ensues. Our boy is growing up!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Carson has been all out of sorts this week. After picking him up from daycare on Monday and acting fine, he's been all over the place. He's been screaming nonstop, red rash on his belly, very sleepy, and not as big of an appetite as usual. You notice I didn't say that he wasn't eating. That would crazy town for Carson. He's just not eating quite as much as usual.

Daycare even sent me this picture on Thursday. This was while he was waiting for lunch. The poor kid just hasn't been himself. I think he looks like an old man waiting for his wife at the mall.

My mom offered to come up on Thursday so that he could stay home with her on Friday. He took two long naps and seems to be a lot better now. I was, and still am a little, concerned about some lactose issues. I'm  really hoping though that it was just a virus working it's way through his system.

He's become quite the little fit thrower. Again I'm hoping that maybe he doesn't feel 100% and this too shall pass.

On Friday night, we surprised Miles with his birthday present a little early. We told him to get Darrin's glove out of the back of his car.

It took him a minute, but he finally noticed the enormous basketball goal. 

He was so surprised and sooooo happy & thankful. It was very sweet to hear him thank us. 

We had to give it to him a little early so that Darrin would have time to put it together before his party next weekend. He's not having a big party, just a few friends over to play basketball. The deal was, you can have a big party or get a basketball goal. So, he knew he was getting one, but he didn't know when.

When we opened the box, we realized that we bought the kind you put in the ground rather than the portable kind. Darrin went to exchange it and then we still tried to put it together that night.

We did as much as we could and then finally surrendered until morning.

Thank goodness my mom was still here to help with Carson while we worked to get it together. That was a huge help.

Finally, it was ready...

He was dying to have some friends over to play basketball. They played for around 15 minutes and then played Nerf guns for the remaining 3 hours :) I'm glad he has it though. I'm all for promoting outdoor activities.

Darrin's season slowly cranked up this weekend. Miles and I played Yahtzee and Golf while he was away.

Carson got into whatever he could. He's still not walking, but oh so close. He'll take a few steps, but isn't confident yet. I love how he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating.

Time to go to bed so I can get up early and work out. Darrin was supposed to have to leave early in the morning which meant no work out for me. His plans changed, so I have to get motivated again. I've been on a streak, so I can't let it end.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

This is what we like to call "Carson is a bat".

Monday, August 7, 2017

Who's Sick?

Daycare text me not long after I got to work and said that Carson had a 101.7 fever. I was working in a different office, which was farther from home. It took about an hour to get to him. He seemed fine with I picked him up. He didn't even feel that warm. Once we got home, he ate, napped, and played without the slightest indication of sickness. I never gave him any medicine and he just went to sleep for the night without a fever. I don't know what was going on with him.

This one, on the other hand, was whiny all night. He didn't want any dinner and fell asleep on the couch at 6:15pm. I woke him up around 6:45 b/c I didn't want him to have a cat nap and catch a second wind or something. After all, Darrin is gone until later and the Bachelorette finale is on tonight. Momma has things to do. At 5pm, I started wondering how early I could actually put both of them to bed.

Also trending around our house, Miles lost another tooth. He is so proud.

He lost it on Saturday night while I was out of town with a friend. When I asked him if the tooth fairy came he said he didn't put it under his pillow b/c he wanted to wait until I was home. I asked why and he said, "Because you are the tooth fairy." I told him that he missed an opportunity to test her while I wasn't home. BTW, the tooth fairy really stresses me out. I'm always scared she's going to wake him while messing around under his pillow :)

Also trending...Carson loves blueberries.

Well, he loves all foods, but he was especially happy with blueberries today. 

He also likes our weekend donut tradition.

Time to try to get the big kid in bed, so I can curl up on the couch by myself and watch the Bachelorette. Good night!

Friday, August 4, 2017

All Scratched Up

Carson got scratched on the face, ear, and neck by a little girl at daycare. The teachers said that they were more upset than he was. Apparently, he didn't even cry.

When Miles saw him, he asked what happened. I told him that a little girl scratched him. Miles immediately started grinning and said, "Carson, you let a girl beat you up???"

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

First Day of 2nd Grade

After going to open house on Monday night, Miles was more than ready to go to school today. We've been hearing great things about his teacher. He walked out that night saying, "I wasn't excited, but I am now." The morning wasn't without some nerves. Change and new beginnings will probably always get to him. He was draped over the kitchen sink spitting and saying his stomach hurt. I thought he was going to lose his breakfast at one point. He pulled it together and remained excited.

I'm going to look back at this stage of life and have zero pictures without a peace sign.

He got a new backpack this year after using the same one for Kindergarten and First grade. He picked this out on his own. Orange is his favorite right now b/c his baseball team is orange and blue.

This was a twist on the peace sign this morning. Not sure where it came from.

Miles' class is in a portable this year. I was bummed when I heard that b/c the security of it worries me, but he's excited about it. I think his teacher beats to her own drum separate from the rest of the school and I think that is going to make us love her. Mason is in the portable across from him.

His class is very non-traditional. There are no desks. They can sit anywhere they want and they can move around during the day. She has high top tables with bar stools, smaller tables with benches, and a coffee table with cushions. He wanted to sit at the high top table today.

His teacher's name is Ms. Audrey. She doesn't do a behavior chart b/c she says that we have better things to talk about at night than what color our kids were on. Can I get an amen??? She said that behavior issues are between her and the student and that she rarely involves a parent. She also lets them chew gum, which scored major points with Miles. On the way to school, he asked for some. Best I could tell, her philosophy is to treat them respect and empower them to learn and to make decisions. I am a fan.

As we were driving to school, he told me that it was kind of embarrassing that I was walking him in. I told him that I didn't have to if it embarrassed him, but then he quickly changed his tune when he thought that I actually may not. I think it probably did embarrass him a little, but he still wanted me there. I snapped a few pictures and told him bye without hugging him as not to draw attention to him.

When I was leaving, the kids were just hanging out talking and laughing. I glanced at the class across from him. They were in a straight line against the wall not talking. The teacher was walking back and forth telling them what they would do every morning. I get it, if I was a teacher that's probably what I would do. But in the short time I've observed Ms. Audrey, I've seen that there's a better way. If she can get the job done and still allow some freedom and flexibility, then I say that's the better way to go. It allows kids to be kids, which is what they should be. Miles said his day was "amazing and awesome" and he can't wait to go back tomorrow. We couldn't be more excited about the year ahead!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

That face though.