Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playdate with Olivia & Ava

Saturday morning my mom, Darrin's mom and I took Miles, Olivia & Ava to the park. It was a beautiful day outside. They were excited to feed the ducks first.

The ducks can sometimes be overwhelming but they were very nice and Olivia and Miles loved feeding them.

Ava, on the other hand, did not want anything to do with the ducks. So, she sat with Granny.

Then it was time to play on the playground.

Check out this face...

It's a toss up as to who enjoyed this swing more.

Ava was mad b/c she said Olivia was pushing her into the bar....I didn't see anything...

This face says it all. It was a fun morning complete with donuts and Capri Suns. What more can a kid ask for?

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Here

The time of year that we look forward to the most in our house is here.....volleyball season. I like to call myself the 2nd assistant coach b/c we talk so much volleyball around here. The team left for Mississippi State this morning for their first preseason tournament. Darrin & I thought it would be fun to take Miles to see the bus before I took him to daycare. We knew he would have a melt down when we left, and he did, but that it would be worth it, and it was.

Miles stayed in this position for awhile. We decided it was his version of planking.

Darrin looks happy....volleyball brings out the most intense side of him...usually he's completely stressed. I promise he is secretly ecstatic about leaving for the first tournament.

Darrin's dad drives the bus for the team a lot and he was driving on this trip. Miles was happy to see his Pa.

They won their first game again Southeast LA today 3-0! Off to a great start. Wishing good luck for the two games tomorrow. I love the coach!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Year Check Up

We went to Pediatric Place today for Miles' 2 year check up. I picked him up at daycare and asked if he wanted to go see Dr. Bates. He was very excited and ran to the door to leave. He chanted "Dr. Bates, Dr. Bates" all the way to Union City.

This was the first visit where he was weighed and measured on the big scale instead of the baby scale. He stood up there like a pro. He weighs 28.8 lbs (57th percentile) and is 35.5" tall (79th percentile). Darrin has already done the "double your height at age 2" math to see how tall he will be...which is 6' tall. Daddy was happy.

He walked right over to the nurse and let her look him over. He has a spot on his belly that he has had since he was a little baby. He was eager to show the nurse the spot.

Dr. Bates said that he looked great, but that it would probably be a good idea to see a dermatologist about his stomach. We went twice when he was younger and the dermatologist said it was dermatitis. It wasn't anything to worry about so we haven't. Lately the spot seems to be bothering Miles. He has been crying and pointing to his stomach saying "stomach hurts" consistently for the last month. He's infatuated with "boo boos" and kissing boo boos these days so I've been cautious to not overreact. However, he also has some of the same patches of rash/dryness on his bottom. He's been saying "bottom hurts" lately too. I just think we've gotten to a place that I would feel much better having it looked at again.

Other than this little skin issue, we have a happy, healthy little boy. Very thankful.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Party at Ya Ya's Island

We partied at Ya Ya's Island on Saturday night with 12 of Miles' friends & cousins. I decided on Ya Ya's b/c it's too hot outside and our house doesn't feel big enough for a party of 30+. I was nervous since it was an hour away, but we had a great turn out & I think the kids had a good time. The theme was Mickey Mouse, but I forgot all of the Mickey items....plates, napkins & party favors, which were water bottles. Thankfully my mom stopped and bought some plates and napkins, and I was able to give out most of the water bottles at church on Sunday.

Miles was sooooooooo excited to see my mom. He was stuck to her most of the night. She can't tell him no and he's figured that out. She even went down the slide with him. I didn't think she would appreciate the picture, so I'll refrain from posting. My niece went down the slide too, and I don't think she would like the pic either. It was very fun of them & I'm sure he loved their cooperation :)

This was our party area. Miles was patiently waiting on everyone to arrive...

...even though he couldn't wait to go play...

Once everyone arrived, we ate pizza and cupcakes...

Miles was very embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him...

He opened a few gifts...

...and then it was time to play...

Despite the fact that my niece and I took pictures all night, I still wasn't able to get great pics of the kids. They were all over the place. Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate Miles' birthday. What a fun night. We might repeat it all next year.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles

What a difference at year makes...12 months ago...


We celebrated Miles' Mickey Mouse birthday at Ya Ya's Island in Paducah last night. We had a great time and I have tons of pictures, but I'm just too tired to post them tonight & have decent narrating. It's been a great weekend celebrating our little boy, but it's left me exhausted.

Miles, it's been an amazing year watching you grow. You are not as laid back as you once were. You are still as sweet and loving as ever, but you know what you want and let us know when you aren't happy. At times you are a daddy's boy, and other times you only want me. You love to read books and play. You would watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 24/7 if we let you...but we don't. You love to play with your Thomas the Train engines and your stuffed animals....Woody, Buzz, Mickey, Teddy, Donald and Goody (or as you say "Doofy"). You are still a great eater....your favorite foods are green beans, peas, oatmeal, watermelon and chicken. You are sensitive and very tender-hearted. You like to be around mommy & daddy and we love that so much. We can't imagine our lives without you. We love you. Happy Birthday!