Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Milestone

When it comes to changing from a crib to a toddler bed and also potty training, I've always said I was going to wait until Miles was two and a half, which would be around December. That seemed like a good time b/c Darrin is slow that time of year and both of us have time off of work. My plan was to learn from others that tried to potty train too early and regretted losing the crib before they really had to. I'm not sure what in the world caused me to change plans, but here we are...since Miles was born, I've followed my gut and this is no different.

I learned of the 3 day potty training method and bought into it like I did Babywise. We are going to attempt the 3 day plan in a couple weeks. Even though it doesn't say it's necessary, I thought it would be better for him to be in a toddler bed so he could get out if he needs to go to the bathroom. We thought we'd switch his bed now and give him a couple weeks to adjust before we start the potty training.

Tonight Darrin changed the bed, and Miles "worked" too. That's what he kept saying as he played with the screwdriver...

He was so excited about his bed...

He climbed up and down...

When it came time to go to bed, he was still very excited about it. He climbed right up in there and went to sleep. We never heard a peep from him. We are really hoping that his good sleeping habits continue with this transition. Another benefit is that he can get his animals in and out himself. Praise the Lord. We are constantly retrieving Buzz, Woody, Teddy and Mickey from the crib so he can play with them.

On another note, we bought the insert for the toilet and tons of underwear tonight. He was so excited about his potty seat that he wanted to go immediately. He actually pee peed in the potty twice tonight! That feels like an even bigger milestone than the bed. He's showing so much interest in the potty that I don't think we would have ever been able to wait until December.

He's grown up so much lately, and he's conquering new things. We are so proud of Miles tonight.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playdate with O & A

Miles spent last Friday at Granny & Pa's house with his cousins, Olivia & Ava. He was so excited to go. When Granny & Pa picked him up, they buckled him in the car seat and closed the door. Darrin had to open the door to get something and Miles started saying "No, no, no" b/c he thought Darrin was going to get him out.

According to Darrin's mom, all three of them were filthy by the end of the day. She washed their clothes and gave them baths before returning them to us! Much appreciated! And, here's why they were messy...playing so hard in the dirt all day, while sweating like crazy...

I never post black & white pictures, but this one looked too good to not post it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Little Tumble

Just when you think you don't have anything to blog about, you get a call from daycare at 4:15pm saying your child fell off the toy oven and busted his lip. Ms. Debra wasn't sure if he needed to go to the doctor & thought I should come take a look at it. So I left work and called the doctor on the way. They told me to call back after I saw it and could actually describe it.

After a quick prayer, I walked in and found Miles as happy as could be. He was running around in swimming trunks (b/c his mommy didn't have any spare clothes at daycare) & no shoes.....he had been given a popsicle for his swollen lip and more than enough TLC. Needless to say, he was fine and we did not go to the doctor.

His lip is puffy and he has a mark on the outside where he actually bit through the skin. The only time he has complained tonight is when he ate some chicken with seasoning on it. Ms. Debra took great care of him as usual. This is not the first or the last boo boo. Boys will be boys.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This morning Miles was ready for daycare and I still had to finish getting ready. I turned on Mickey Mouse and went back into my room. This is what I saw when I returned. He sure does love Buzz, Woody, Teddy and Mickey...

A few other random things that I want to remember about Miles...

1) He calls horses "on-knees". I have no idea why. It's really the only word that he says completely wrong. We drive by the horses every morning. I say "there are the HORSES" and "the HORSES are eating grass" and "the HORSES sleep in the barn"...but no matter how many times I say horses, he says "on-knees". It's actually quite precious.

2) I can't remember if I've mentioned this on here before or not...the boy loves to watch golf on TV. Darrin has taught him to say bad shot, driver, and putter. He recently watched quite a bit of the British Open.

3) He hugs and kisses us so tightly that he grits his teeth in the process. He is a very affectionate kid.

4) Every time I sing to him, he immediately says "NO mamma, No!" It's kind of hilarious b/c I have the worst singing voice ever. He says it EVERY time, without fail, while shaking his head emphatically.

5) He loves to ride with the windows down. He calls them "win-nos". He has a come apart when it's time to roll them up.

Just a few little things I want to remember about the little guy. Good night all.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night Swim

Miles went swimming with some of his friends tonight. The moms talked while the kids played. I am so thankful for my friends. Our church is loaded with people our age, and a lot of us live within walking distance to each other. Darrin and I have moved 4 times, all in Martin, but I would be hesitant to leave our house now b/c I love the compound we live on.

Ansley, Thomas, Maddie & Miles...

At one point Miles decided he wanted to jump off the diving board.....that was before he had the shark swimmer on. I caught him and was able to hold him above water, but not both of us. Finally I got to the side....just before I was rescued. So, we put on the shark swimmer and let him jump off. He's off and on with swimming so I didn't want to miss this opportunity. Darrin wasn't with us, which made it a little stressful.

He stood up there for a while...

...and thought about jumping...

...but then he decided he needed some help. So, Ansley's mom (b/c we don't have first names anymore) stepped in to help...

He loved it! He did it a few more times and then we played in the shallow end b/c I needed a break (mentally and physically).

We both had so much fun, and then it was time to go home. Miles and Ansley rode home in the wagon. These two love to play together.

Bye, bye Ansley...

Thanks for inviting us over Thomas' mom.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Money Well Spent

I'd say we got our monies worth out of these pjs.

10 months:

22 months:

We visited the doctor today b/c Miles still had a low fever this morning. You can see in this picture that he still doesn't feel great. Miles chanted "Dr. Bates" all the way there. Of course he was too shy to say a word once we actually saw him. All signs point to viral. We're hoping that we are nearing the end of it. Granny is coming down this afternoon so I can go to work for a little while. Miles is going to be so excited when he wakes up to find a grandmother here! They are such suckers and he knows it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sleepy Head

I've discovered that Miles is a lot like me when he wakes up. We are both morning people but we still love to lay in bed for a while after we wake up. This afternoon he took a 3.5 hour nap, but then laid in bed for 30 minutes after he woke up. I could hear him coughing and talking, but he never cried like wanted me to come get him. Finally at the 4 hour mark, he started saying "Momma", so I went in and got him.

I was home for his nap b/c he started running a fever yesterday at daycare. Thankfully my mom was here. She watched him yesterday afternoon and until 1pm today. I was able to go to work this morning and get a few things done knowing I will have to stay home with him all day tomorrow.

I'm not really sure what's wrong with him. His fever ranges from 99ish to 102.5. He's snotty and has really yucky eyes. It's probably just a virus, but if he wakes up with a fever tomorrow we are visiting the Pediatric Place. Here's hoping he sleeps well and wakes up fever free.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Computer Genuis

Miles LOVES to look at "pic-chures". So we taught him how to use the arrows to scroll through them. We're sure he's going to be the next Bill Gates.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We celebrated 4th of July with Darrin's family. It rained so hard during the day, but turned out to be a pretty afternoon. It wasn't even as hot as it could have been. We ate, talked, played corn hole & chased Miles around. It took him a little while to warm up, but then he had a great time.
Here he is with several of his girl cousins. There are only two other boys and they are a lot older than Miles. The girls don't care that they are older...

He loved the trampoline. Zoie (green shirt) was in charge while he was on the trampoline since she was the oldest. In this picture, she is making everyone else stop jumping so he can without falling all over the place.

I know this picture is blurry, but I love it. His face is so priceless...they were bouncing him around like a rag doll!

Wearing a baseball hat is Miles' new thing. He puts it on backwards all by himself. We have no idea where he learned that since Darrin doesn't wear hats.

We didn't stay for the fireworks b/c it was too late and I really didn't think he would like them. Christi, Darrin's cousin, gave us a few sparklers to do at home. I didn't think he'd like those either, but I was wrong. He grabbed it right away and had a great time.

The neighbors shot fireworks all weekend. The first night we were nervous he would wake up but he never did. He slept right through them...including the grand finale that sounded like it was going off directly over our house. So proud of our little sleeper. Hope everyone had a great day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Between

I'm not ready to change Miles' room into a big boy room yet. Let's be honest...I'm not willing to give up the self containing crib. My mom helped me update his room a little to make it in between a baby room and toddler room.

We moved the table and chairs from his play room. It was getting crowded in there and this room needed some help. He likes it. Buzz and Woody are sitting at the table at his request.

The animals came from Hobby Lobby. They are the decals that you stick on the wall. I'm very impressed with them. They look so cute in his room and don't look cheap at all. He loves them.

If you know me, you know I'm not one for clutter. I don't hang a bunch of stuff on the walls or have a lot of stuff setting around. This room is perfect until we get brave enough to lose the crib.