Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

Right after dinner, he walked over to the cabinet and started crying because he knows that is where the marshmallows are.

This is one minute later with said marshmallows. Sometimes I put them on this little shelf to entertain his for a while.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

This is actually a fall break & weekend wrap up. We've been super busy, but here are 10 things from the last six days.

Carson climbed in here all by himself. He's a climber for sure. That's not something I ever had to worry about with Miles, but I can already tell that Carson is going to keep us on our toes. Wouldn't you love to know what he's thinking??

We hit up two different parks over the break. I took off three days and had today off for Columbus Day. I took Carson to daycare half of the time, which gave me some time with just Miles. It never seems that he needs that, but I do.

One day while Carson was at daycare, I took Miles and his best friend, Mason, to Chuck E Cheese. I was thinking while we were there that some people go to the beach for fall break and we settle for Chuck E Cheese. I can't say I thrilled with this deal, but Miles didn't know the difference. As long as Darrin is coaching this will be our life.

Marmee came for a visit. She saved me again by watching Carson during two of Darrin's volleyball games.

We celebrated my 41st birthday and our 16th wedding anniversary. As you can see, it was a good day. Miles was almost in tears b/c he didn't get us an anniversary card. I decided to make one, which is front and center below. It says "A Special Day" on the front and "Love mom and dad" and "For the best parents" on the inside. Be still my heart.

Miles had a friend spend the night for the first time. I'm not a huge fan of sleepovers, whether it be at our house or someone else's, but Mason and Miles are just easy. I've only known his parents for a year, but it feels like I've always known his mom and that these kids have always been friends. It's just a friendship that works. They never argue or get tired of each other. I've had such an easy time getting to know his mom too, which isn't always the case. I hope this is a friendship that lasts a long time.

Saturday morning cartoons together.

We painted pumpkins. Miles and I have done this for a couple years. Carson enjoyed it for longer than I expected. Miles and I were both disinterested this year for some reason. Our pumpkins weren't worth keeping or taking a picture of.

We were able enjoy a little time outside while the weather was pretty. Unfortunately, it's back to blazing hot here in TN. I'm ready for some fall temps!

And last but not least, some big news....Carson went to sleep without a bottle tonight! He's been down to one bottle at night for a couple months now. I decided to reclaim my counter space and put all the bottles away and the drying rack. We have enough sippy cups now to put them in the dishwasher, so no more hand-washing bottles and sippy cups every day. Instead of a bottle, he got a sippy cup of milk with just a little less milk, so there really wasn't much of a change for him. I kind of knew that he wouldn't care, but I was the one that was sad. I am glad that he is growing up b/c it means we can do and interact more with him. But, it makes me a little sad that he's growing up so quickly. I am so glad though that we will have a child in the house for the next 17 years, b/c I never thought we'd have him :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy Birthday & Other Random Things

Happy Birthday to this breakfast making, music loving, God fearing, caffeine drinking, yard mowing, fun loving, TV watching, special daddy!

Life has been a little busy lately and he was gracious enough to forgive us for not doing anything for his birthday. I couldn't even muster up a card. I love birthdays and I probably would have been disappointed, but instead, he went out early this morning to get birthday donuts for all of us and then left us notes on our beds to tell us how much he loved us. He's so good to us. We will do something to celebrate but it will have to be after the fact. At least his team 'decorated' his office. That's glitter...

One of his players got him an edible fruit arrangement. I don't think we've ever had one. It's awesome. The chocolate covered strawberries were the best.

Carson had picture day today. Unlike Miles' picture day, I actually remembered this one. I was a little concerned, b/c most of the mommas around here dress their boys in knee socks and saddle shoes. That's not our thing and I was afraid he would look out of place, although I think he will thank me when he's older. I didn't see the boys in his class but he seemed to fit in with the ones slightly older. It's one of those sorry, not sorry things.

Just chillin' before school drinking his milk. We switched his morning milk to a sippy cup, so now he only has a bottle at night before bed. I think he'd be fine with a sippy cup then too, but I hate make him give it up so soon. His pediatrician said he needed to be off of it by 15 months. Miles let it go at 18 months, so I'm good with either one.

I had Miles' parent/teacher conference last week. I had to have a phone conference b/c there was no way I could get to the school during the conference times. Plus, I figured everything was fine so I didn't want to kill myself just hear what I already knew. He's been bringing home 100s on everything. She said that she is taking away his multiple choice answers to make it more challenging. He will have to write sentences to answer now. When I asked about his behavior she said that he was "perfect, very sweet and helpful". We know he's a good kid, but I think this is the first time that a teacher has 'gotten' him, especially so early in the year. The last two years he's had to really grow on the teachers. It was very nice to hear. I was happy for him that his little personality is being noticed and appreciated. He wants that so badly.

This is life with two little boys and one big boy.

I had to give up on cute pjs for the last several months b/c Carson was just too difficult to dress. Shorts and a short sleeved shirt were about all I could get on him. Anything fitted or long sleeved was out of the question. He's finally calmed down and I am ready to shop for some cute pjs again. There's nothing cuter than a clean baby, with combed hair, in some adorable pjs.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

On the bench, talking, in the middle of a game. I'm thankful for a kind, loving father to my boys.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Never Thought This Would Happen

Our house is full of early risers. Darrin generally wakes up and hits the ground running. I wake up early but like to lay in bed for a while before actually getting up. Although, working out at 5am, three days a week, has put a stop to my excessive use of the snooze button. Miles has always woken up early. When he was Carson's age, he would wake up between 5-6am on the weekends. It was painful. He's also like Darrin in that as soon as his eyes open, his feet hit the floor. Carson is more like me. Sometimes he will play in his crib for 30-45 minutes before he starts crying. That makes it so much easier on weekdays when Darrin travels and I have to get both kids out the door. I used to have to wake up so early when Miles was little. With Carson, I can usually get completely ready and then get him up.

When I woke up on Saturday, it looked like it was noon in my room. I reached for the phone and discovered that it was 7:30am, which might as well be noon in our house. Everyone was still sleeping! Miles and Carson have been sleeping later and later, and Carson has never been the early riser that Miles was, but he still usually wakes up between 6:30-7am. The boys didn't get out of bed until after 8am.

I'm sure we all needed it. I know Daylight Savings time will wreck us, so we'll just enjoy while it lasts.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend consisted of baseball, volleyball, and a lot of help from Granny & Pa and Marmee. Unfortunately, I only got pictures of baseball and volleyball. Darrin had a home game on Friday night. It was the best crowd we've ever had. He's been working on attendance since he began three years ago. They played well overall, but still came up short.

He had another game on Saturday. I looked down during the game and Miles was sitting on the bench. I figured Darrin was okay with it, but I still went down to tell him not to talk to Darrin under any circumstances.

Darrin told me after the game that Miles asked him to move at one point b/c he couldn't see the game :)

Rewind back to Thursday night for a minute. We were up by a lot in our game, so Miles got to catch.

He caught for one inning and loved every minute of it.

He had to wear his uniform to Darrin's game on Saturday b/c his game was directly after. Someone asked him what position he played and he quickly answered, "catcher and third base". He hasn't played third base since mid spring. I guess he's not proud of center field, which is actually what he plays. I am though...he does a great job out there and I think it suites him well.

Miles had two games on Saturday night. The first game was supposed to start at 6 but it didn't get started until 7. Thankfully, my mom was home with Carson.

This group is a little Bad News Bears-ish, but they are improving!

Miles made a hard throw from center to home and started complaining about his arm right after the inning. He had the same arm issue in the spring. We pushed him through it, but it didn't get better until he had a few weeks off. We talked to the coach and his dream of being a catcher was realized again. We all thought that might be easier on his arm.

After talking to one of the trainers at Darrin's school, we decided not to let him play today. It was so tough though b/c we knew the team would be short. Miles was crying over it. We often question the legitimacy of his issues/injuries/illnesses....but this definitely felt legit especially since he knew exactly when it happened. The same trainer looked at it today and she thinks it's a tricep strain. He's going to sit out two games this week and next week there are no games due to fall break. Hopefully that will be just what he needs.

We also hope that a byproduct of making him sit out will be less crying wolf in the future. This should help him learn that if he complains too much that he will be sitting out. I can tell you, he did not enjoy that one bit today.

I also went to church tonight b/c the Voices of Lee were there. They were amazing. I have never heard such talent. No Longer Slaves and Beautiful Name were my favorites. Simply amazing that they are acapella. Check them out. They are definitely worth a listen. That's all for me. Good night, all! I hope your weekend was a good one.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

I know I say that every weekend is busy, but this one was the busiest we've had in a long time. My mom came in town on Thursday afternoon to lend a hand since Darrin was out of town. I called her on my way to work on Thursday to give her the run down on our schedule over the next couple of days. Between the time she arrived on Thursday and now, we had 4 volleyball games, baseball practice, 5 baseball games, Grandparents day at daycare, a hair appointment, a consignment sale, 1 friend over, church, and a shopping outing. Oh, and my little side gig I like to call my J-O-B. I seriously could not have done it without my mom's help. Thank you, Marmee!

I didn't do a great job of pics at the games, b/c honestly I was able to kick my feet up a little without Carson. He staying with my mom for half the games and Stephanie the other half.

I got to see some of my Martin girls. I'm so glad our boys play baseball so we run into each other. It was blazing hot today.

My mom and I took the boys shopping and out to eat on Saturday. They both did great. A lady even commented on our way out that both boys behaved so well. That is so nice when people take the time to encourage parents when their kids act right.

Mason came over to play today. We were leaving the ballpark and his sister was still playing, so we rescued him from the heat. These two are so close. It's neat to watch. Mason actually has his head on Miles' shoulder.

I couldn't resist Carson's face in this one.

I love this picture of Carson and Marmee.

Carson got some quality time with Marmee, but so did Miles. He slept with her 3 nights in a row. He likes for her to tell him stories while they are laying in bed. I think most of them are about her childhood growing up in New York. She had to leave to go home during Miles game today. She told him goodbye through the dug out. He told me later that he cried while he was running out to center field. He loves Marmee!

That's all I've got. I'm about to fall asleep as I'm typing. It's a struggle to keep my eyes open past 9pm these days. Good night all!