Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed in Weekend

Middle of last week the weather report started getting more and more intense around here. Darrin had to go to Indianapolis for the weekend to recruit. He decided to leave on Thursday instead of Friday to beat the storm. Miles and I stopped by the grocery store on Thursday on our way home from work and school. While everyone else in the town was buying milk and bread, we were buying cereal, blueberry muffins, Fritos, ice cream, and sour gummy worms.  We were totally prepared when the storm hit early Friday morning.  This is our back patio...

Our backyard while the snow was still falling...

Our front yard....

When the snow finally quit falling, we had 5".  I would have guessed 6-8". It seemed so deep.  5" is still a lot for our area.

I was scared to try to drive to work, plus I didn't have anywhere for Miles to go. I guess I could have taken him to work with me, but getting out in the storm, while Darrin was out of town, just seemed like a bad decision.  So, we stayed home and worked puzzles...

....and watched movies.  I watched the Best of Me while Miles watched Pokemon. Best of Me was the seriously the worst movie ever.  I don't think there has ever been a more depressing movie.

Finally, I couldn't put Miles off any longer. He insisted that we go outside.  

We played and built a snowman.  We had lots of snowballs fights, which Miles thought was the best thing ever.  He also loved eating the snow. He ate is all weekend.

On Saturday morning, two of Miles friends from his class, Gaige & Owen, and their moms, came over to play in the snow. Gaige brought his 4 wheeler and Owen brought 4 sleds, so they were totally hooked up.

The snow was so deep that we had to push the boys down a few times to try to make a smoother path.

After the path was cleared, they took off.

I think they would have gone down a whole lot more if they didn't have to walk back up each time.

Owen left around noon and Miles and Gaige played on Gaige's 4wheeler. We couldn't get Miles' 4 wheeler to start which was super annoying. The whole point was for Miles and Gaige to be able to ride around together. I felt bad that Gaige's parents had gone to the trouble of bringing his over.  Gaige and Miles took turns pulling each other on the sled though.

I was nervous at first for our 5 & 6 year olds to pull each other around but they were extremely cautious. They basically just drove in a slow circle around the yard. 

After hours of playing outside, they decided to play inside for a while.  Nerf gun wars...

...and some game playing on the DS....

A lot of the snow melted late Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  We went to church on Sunday and watched football afterwards.  Darrin made it home early afternoon.  We had another great night with our small group.  I usually have cabin fever on weekends like this, but it was actually very nice. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Few Random Happenings & That Time I Laughed Until I Cried

I was reminded today that I needed to update the blog, so here I am. It seems that since we moved, we don't really do much. We are still having a lot of fun around here everyday, so I should just blog about that stuff more often for the memory books. 

The national championship game was cause for celebration in our house. Miles is completely obsessed with football these days, so we made a party out of it.  We made wings and homemade french fries. Both were delicious and I'm already planning the next time we can make them.

Miles and Darrin made some homemade signs.  Miles made this 100% from memory. We were so impressed...

I was the only one cheering for Clemson, and since I wasn't present when the signs were made, I was out of luck.

We've also been enjoying the NFL football playoffs.  As always, the teams I want to win seem to get picked off week by week, year after year.  

Miles and I drove back to our old stomping grounds to help celebrate Hannah Kate and Anna Marie's birthday.  He went to daycare with these cuties and it was a great excuse to see them and some of his other buddies.

He has missed Colin so much. His face in this pic sums it up. When he walked in, they both ran to each other. I was worried about taking him back to the party b/c I was worried it would make him miss Martin even more than he does. I actually think it did him good.  Hopefully we can plan to visit every now and then so he doesn't feel like he will never see his friends again. He's made some friends at school, but with the structure of school every day, it just doesn't seem that they have time to form deep bonds. I know it will come in time.

We joined a church in Jackson last fall knowing that they were going to begin a campus in Medina in January. We actually met for the first time at our local middle school last Sunday. Both Sundays that we have met, we have had over 500 people there!  It has been amazing.  We are finally meeting people and learning names.  It has been so good for us. We are also one of five families that are hosting a small group in our home on Sunday night. We met for the first time last Sunday and had a great time. Our group could not have been nicer or more enjoyable to be around.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

When we chose to add onto our house, having people over was one of our main motivations.  We didn't know anyone, so it was almost a "if you build it they will come" type of situations. Having 17 people over for food & Bible study made my heart happy.

And now, the thing that made me laugh/cry.  Miles had his 100th day of school yesterday. He had to dress like he was 100 years old. We did our best with items we had. I did have to buy suspenders, a handkerchief, and face paint for a mustache and his eye brows.

I think he turned out pretty darn cute.  I can't believe he wanted to dress up, but I was glad. I showed him several pictures on Pinterest and this is the look he chose.

So, what made me completely lose it? Our first attempt left him looking Amish.  I didn't even notice until Darrin walked by and casually said, "He looks Amish."  The picture is probably blurry b/c I was laughing so hard.

I was doubled over laughing until tears ran down my face. Darrin said he has never seen me laugh that hard.  One of Darrin's favorite things is when I laugh like that, so it was a good day for him. I was still laughing on the way to work.  I could not send him to school like that, so we changed his shirt and then it was much better.  

So, there's just a few glimpses of our life lately.  Just chilling at home most of the time, which is the way we like it.  Hope to be back here soon!