Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

Carson had his first school picture the other day. Since he goes to a private school that goes all the way to 12th grade, he will actually be in the yearbook. His teacher sent this picture from her cell phone. It's not the official picture, but she wanted to tell me what a good job he did. I think he looks like big stuff!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Today was day 2 of Carson's new feeding schedule, but it was the first day on the new schedule while at daycare. It meant waiting a little longer for his first feeding. Apparently he didn't like watching his friends get their bottles before him. She said he was staring at a bottle in this picture.

She text a few minutes later and said that he was giving them the stare down, to which I replied #hangry. Then shortly after she said that all was well again.

The schedule didn't seem to go very smoothly today at daycare. He was starving at his first feeding but then didn't seem as interested at the next one. He was a handful at home tonight too. He did sleep better last night and that was a huge goal of the new schedule, so fingers crossed that it wasn't a fluke. We are going to make some small adjustments tomorrow and see how it goes.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

On the way to work on Friday, Darrin called and said the he decided to go recruiting and needed to leave now. That happens every now and then. Usually he's pretty good about planning and communicating, but when he starts to get stressed about recruiting, spur of the moment trips tend to happen. Marmee came for a visit this weekend, so it was good to have some company while Darrin was gone. Miles likes to eat whip cream off the top of Marmee's coffee every morning.

Carson had his 6 month check up on Saturday morning. I took him while Miles stayed home with my mom. He weighed 16 1/2 lbs, which is up from a week ago, but I had just fed him.

He was in the 25th percentile for weight and height. So proud of our growing little man! Patiently waiting for the doctor to come in...

She checked his blood sugar b/c I mentioned that he soaks through diapers like crazy. Turns out he's just a big eater :) His blood sugar was on the high side, but again, I had just fed him. She said that she wasn't worried.

He got two shots and has been very cranky ever since. His poor legs have big red bumps where the shots were given. Have I mentioned how much I dislike immunizations???

Saturday felt like a spring day and the sun was actually shining after days and days of rain, so we went to the park.

I offered to take Miles to a drive through zoo that is close by, but he said he'd rather go to the park. While we were there, he ran over to me and told me that we should come more often.

We invited his friend, Gaige, to meet us there and he did. There was also another girl from their class there. The three of them had the best time playing.

As soon as the sun started to go down, it got cool quickly. I hated to make Miles leave b/c he was having such a good time and the weather wasn't bothering him a bit. Carson and I sat in the back of my car and watched him from there. It was perfect.

Miles was fine with this arrangement. He's waving in this pic.

Carson was content to lay there for at least 30-45 minutes.

Miles was a little chilly by the time we got home, so he took a warm bath and decided to play a while. He was missing Darrin so this was a good distraction.

Carson and I hung out a lot last night b/c he was so ill from the shots. Side note, I've gotten over only posting what I think are decent pictures of myself on here. I know that my boys will enjoy seeing pictures one day of Darrin and me with them, especially everyday pictures. That's more important than how I feel about a picture of myself.

Looks like this might be our new sleeping arrangement when Darrin is out of town. Carson started out in his crib, but ended up joining us around 2am. I had already let him 'cry it out' to get himself back to sleep three times and I was over it. Hot natured kids!

The kids sang at church this morning. Miles did not want to participate, but I dropped him off in his class in a hurry and he didn't have much time to think about it. I was glad. The poor kid is going to miss out on so much in life b/c he will not push himself outside of his little comfort zone. It's hard to tell, but he is front and center on the top row. He's to the left of the kid with the red plaid shirt. He knew every word and motion and sang to his heart's content.

After church, we ran to Walmart to get a few things.

Carson was a trooper even though he didn't feel good. Still chilling with his pink pacifiers.

Today is also the first day of a new feeding schedule and he handled it perfectly. We are transitioning to a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime feeding. Basically, more food and less formula. It means that the feedings are a little more spread out and there is four total instead of five. I hope it equates to longer naps and better sleep at night. The theory about better sleep at night is b/c he will drink less during the day and maybe his diaper won't be soaked at night and wake him up. We just can't figure out why he is so restless at night. It's not b/c he's spoiled b/c he doesn't really even know that we come in there, if we do at all. Most of the time he cries himself back to sleep within 5-10 minutes. His pediatrician said that he's probably not even awake and I think she's right. She recommended that we get him as full as possible before bedtime. If that doesn't help, it might just be him. Please no! I really, really need and want him to sleep better.Time for bed and then another week ahead. These weekends fly by too quickly :(

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Less Words Wednesday


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Just hanging out before school and daycare on Friday. Miles doesn't like being away from Carson during the day. Sometimes he gets really sad just before we leave since Darrin and I usually each take one boy in the morning.

Carson's shirt says "Ain't no momma like the one I got". Adorable...but would be even cuter if I wasn't the one that bought it for him :)

I got a text from one of Carson's teacher late on Friday afternoon saying that he had a 101 fever. Darrin picked him up and by the time I got home, it was over 102. Darrin's parents spent Friday night with us. They were in Florida visiting Darrin's brother and his family for two weeks, so it was good to have them. We managed to play a game while dealing with Carson on and off.

Miles loves to play the game Imaginif. It was Granny for the win.

Carson was a struggle during the night and finally ended up in our bed sometime in the early morning. I usually don't put him in bed with us before 4:30am or so. I think he's still too small to be in bed with us all night. After 4:30-5am, I'm never really in a deep sleep so I can keep an eye on him. He sleeps soooooooo well in our bed. His morning bottle is usually around 6am on weekdays, but on the weekends he will sleep in our bed until 7:30 or even later. Darrin left at 5am to go recruiting for the day. After a long night, I welcomed both boys in my bed after Darrin left b/c that meant more sleep for me.

I took Carson to his doctor on Saturday morning while Granny & Pa stayed home with Miles. 

I'm so thankful that his pediatrician is open until noon on Saturday. I'm just not a fan of walk in clinics for Miles or Carson. 

I had a feeling it might be an ear infection and it was. Ironically, I saw him pulling on his left ear and the infection was in his right ear. She thinks he has something viral going on b/c he's so runny and congested. He's been a little fussy, mostly at night, but he's been a trooper. Here's hoping his pain tolerance is a little higher than Miles :)

His doctor gave us 18 cans of formula. Such a blessing!

Saturday afternoon, we hung around the house, watched football, and read some books. Miles loves to read to Carson.

Darrin and Miles went to church bright and early to help set up, then came home to get ready for church. It's a sweaty job setting up since we are still meeting in a school gym. Our permanent location will hopefully be ready this December. Miles and I went to the 9:30 service, while Darrin stayed home with Carson. Then, we swapped so Darrin could go. A perk of living 10 minutes from church. This afternoon has been filled with the usual weekend chores and some relaxation. I took a few cute pictures of Carson today.

I organized my photos on our computer and decided to start taking more pictures with my camera and less with my phone. My phone was filling up b/c I got a phone with too little storage. Plus, I really like all the pictures that I have of Miles when he was little. They were taken with my camera and well organized on my computer so I can always find them. Happy even with an ear infection. 

We were supposed to go for Carson's 6 month well check tomorrow, but had to postpone it b/c of his ear infection. We were able to get his stats yesterday at the doctor's visit.

It's been a good weekend in spite of his sickness. Any weekend at home is a good one for us. The best part is that it's not over yet. The boys and I have off tomorrow and I think we've convinced Darrin to stay home too. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Finally This Milestone & One Reason Daddy Rocks

I received this text from Carson's teacher on Tuesday.

My exact response was "Yes hallelujah! Leave him! He's been waking me up at night and I've been waiting for the day that he could roll over and get himself back to sleep."

I've been getting a little desperate lately b/c it seems that his sleep is regressing rather than any sort of forward progress. And, nothing is wrong with him. I've been concerned at times about his belly, but not as consistently as he's been crying out. He doesn't love a pacifier, which I thought might help. We've tried several kinds. A friend told me that her son will only take the MAM brand. Target only had pink, so girly pacifiers it is! He does seem to like them better, but it doesn't help in the middle of the night after he's already spit it out.

It has seemed to me lately that he feels uncomfortable in his swaddle and that maybe it was time to lose it. Now that he can roll and move by himself, the swaddle was restricting him. So, two nights ago, we dressed him in some fleece pjs and put him to sleep on his belly. I was a little concerned, but I knew that he would be okay and that it might be the answer we've been looking for. 

He sleep on his stomach all night, but still woke up 3 times during the night and cried out for several minutes. My routine when he cries is...I turn the sound off the monitor b/c I literally can't listen to him cry. It hurts my heart. I set a 10 minute timer on my phone b/c I will fall asleep and then the sound will be off of the monitor for the rest of the night and you cannot hear him at all in my bedroom. When the alarm goes off, I turn the monitor back on and re-evaluate. If he's screaming at the top of his lungs, I go check on him. If he's barely whimpering, I set another timer for 10 minutes and turn the sound off again. On Tuesday night, he was able to get himself back to sleep during the first 10 minute timer all 3 times. Last night he slept on his stomach again. He only cried out once and was able to get himself back to sleep very quickly. He is already asleep tonight and we will see how he does for the third night on his stomach.

Tonight, I went to eat dinner with the girls that I went on the shopping trip with. We try to go out to eat for every one's birthday and tonight it was Erica's party! While I was with my friends, Darrin took the boys to the basketball games at his school. He managed to pick both boys up from school and daycare, cook dinner, feed Carson food and a bottle, make sure Miles studied and took a shower, and even put dinner for tomorrow night in the crock pot. That's impressive! He said both boys were great at the game.

Carson never made a peep.

Apparently he got lots of love and affection. He's a little heart stealer.

Miles was too busy playing with some new friends to take any pictures. He was 100% worn out and crashed pretty quickly after walking in the door. A fun night was had by all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

Carson loves daycare!

Monday, January 9, 2017

It's a Big Day & Making Baby Food

It's a very exciting day around here. Miles was chosen as student of the month! He was chosen last year by the guidance teacher, which was really nice, but having his classroom teacher choose him this year meant so much to him. We are so proud of him. I'm hopeful this positive reinforcement will help encourage good behavior for the rest of the year!

In other news, we've started making baby food around here. Carson couldn't tolerate rice cereal or oatmeal, so we started baby food a little before his pediatrician recommended. That's really nothing new for us, we pushed every milestone with Miles.

I knew I wanted to attempt baby food in an effort to make it as healthy as possible and also save some money. As it turns out, making it doesn't really help with either. Baby food is actually made with only the fruits and veggies, no additives. And, making it ourselves saved very little money. I guess over time it ends up saving more than I realize, but it's not enough to make a big difference. I still enjoy making it so, we'll probably make the foods that are easier and buy the rest. I've found that veggies are much easier than fruits. This is carrots and green beans, which were simple to make. 

I've been surprised by how coordinated he has been with eating. We started him at 5 months and Miles at 4 months. That's probably why I can tell such a difference. Miles took a lot more work. Carson just scoops it all up quickly.

We haven't found a food he didn't like. So far he's had bananas, peaches, pears, prunes, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, and squash. He couldn't tolerate the bananas at all. They seemed to make his stomach cramp and he was awake quite a bit during the night when he'd eaten them.

It's hard to pick favorites b/c he gobbles everything up, but I would say that he's really fond of applesauce and carrots.

Healthy eating habits for the boys has always been such a thing for me. It's been such a relief to see Carson following in Miles' footsteps. I'm so hopeful that it will continue. Today his teachers called him a chunky monkey when I dropped him off at daycare. He has quite a belly these days :) I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his 6 month appointment next week.