Thursday, January 12, 2017

Finally This Milestone & One Reason Daddy Rocks

I received this text from Carson's teacher on Tuesday.

My exact response was "Yes hallelujah! Leave him! He's been waking me up at night and I've been waiting for the day that he could roll over and get himself back to sleep."

I've been getting a little desperate lately b/c it seems that his sleep is regressing rather than any sort of forward progress. And, nothing is wrong with him. I've been concerned at times about his belly, but not as consistently as he's been crying out. He doesn't love a pacifier, which I thought might help. We've tried several kinds. A friend told me that her son will only take the MAM brand. Target only had pink, so girly pacifiers it is! He does seem to like them better, but it doesn't help in the middle of the night after he's already spit it out.

It has seemed to me lately that he feels uncomfortable in his swaddle and that maybe it was time to lose it. Now that he can roll and move by himself, the swaddle was restricting him. So, two nights ago, we dressed him in some fleece pjs and put him to sleep on his belly. I was a little concerned, but I knew that he would be okay and that it might be the answer we've been looking for. 

He sleep on his stomach all night, but still woke up 3 times during the night and cried out for several minutes. My routine when he cries is...I turn the sound off the monitor b/c I literally can't listen to him cry. It hurts my heart. I set a 10 minute timer on my phone b/c I will fall asleep and then the sound will be off of the monitor for the rest of the night and you cannot hear him at all in my bedroom. When the alarm goes off, I turn the monitor back on and re-evaluate. If he's screaming at the top of his lungs, I go check on him. If he's barely whimpering, I set another timer for 10 minutes and turn the sound off again. On Tuesday night, he was able to get himself back to sleep during the first 10 minute timer all 3 times. Last night he slept on his stomach again. He only cried out once and was able to get himself back to sleep very quickly. He is already asleep tonight and we will see how he does for the third night on his stomach.

Tonight, I went to eat dinner with the girls that I went on the shopping trip with. We try to go out to eat for every one's birthday and tonight it was Erica's party! While I was with my friends, Darrin took the boys to the basketball games at his school. He managed to pick both boys up from school and daycare, cook dinner, feed Carson food and a bottle, make sure Miles studied and took a shower, and even put dinner for tomorrow night in the crock pot. That's impressive! He said both boys were great at the game.

Carson never made a peep.

Apparently he got lots of love and affection. He's a little heart stealer.

Miles was too busy playing with some new friends to take any pictures. He was 100% worn out and crashed pretty quickly after walking in the door. A fun night was had by all.

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