Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Just hanging out before school and daycare on Friday. Miles doesn't like being away from Carson during the day. Sometimes he gets really sad just before we leave since Darrin and I usually each take one boy in the morning.

Carson's shirt says "Ain't no momma like the one I got". Adorable...but would be even cuter if I wasn't the one that bought it for him :)

I got a text from one of Carson's teacher late on Friday afternoon saying that he had a 101 fever. Darrin picked him up and by the time I got home, it was over 102. Darrin's parents spent Friday night with us. They were in Florida visiting Darrin's brother and his family for two weeks, so it was good to have them. We managed to play a game while dealing with Carson on and off.

Miles loves to play the game Imaginif. It was Granny for the win.

Carson was a struggle during the night and finally ended up in our bed sometime in the early morning. I usually don't put him in bed with us before 4:30am or so. I think he's still too small to be in bed with us all night. After 4:30-5am, I'm never really in a deep sleep so I can keep an eye on him. He sleeps soooooooo well in our bed. His morning bottle is usually around 6am on weekdays, but on the weekends he will sleep in our bed until 7:30 or even later. Darrin left at 5am to go recruiting for the day. After a long night, I welcomed both boys in my bed after Darrin left b/c that meant more sleep for me.

I took Carson to his doctor on Saturday morning while Granny & Pa stayed home with Miles. 

I'm so thankful that his pediatrician is open until noon on Saturday. I'm just not a fan of walk in clinics for Miles or Carson. 

I had a feeling it might be an ear infection and it was. Ironically, I saw him pulling on his left ear and the infection was in his right ear. She thinks he has something viral going on b/c he's so runny and congested. He's been a little fussy, mostly at night, but he's been a trooper. Here's hoping his pain tolerance is a little higher than Miles :)

His doctor gave us 18 cans of formula. Such a blessing!

Saturday afternoon, we hung around the house, watched football, and read some books. Miles loves to read to Carson.

Darrin and Miles went to church bright and early to help set up, then came home to get ready for church. It's a sweaty job setting up since we are still meeting in a school gym. Our permanent location will hopefully be ready this December. Miles and I went to the 9:30 service, while Darrin stayed home with Carson. Then, we swapped so Darrin could go. A perk of living 10 minutes from church. This afternoon has been filled with the usual weekend chores and some relaxation. I took a few cute pictures of Carson today.

I organized my photos on our computer and decided to start taking more pictures with my camera and less with my phone. My phone was filling up b/c I got a phone with too little storage. Plus, I really like all the pictures that I have of Miles when he was little. They were taken with my camera and well organized on my computer so I can always find them. Happy even with an ear infection. 

We were supposed to go for Carson's 6 month well check tomorrow, but had to postpone it b/c of his ear infection. We were able to get his stats yesterday at the doctor's visit.

It's been a good weekend in spite of his sickness. Any weekend at home is a good one for us. The best part is that it's not over yet. The boys and I have off tomorrow and I think we've convinced Darrin to stay home too. 

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