Friday, March 24, 2017

Discovery Park

I took off work to go with Miles on his field trip to Discovery Park.

It's an hour drive from the school, so by the time you factor in two hours of drive time, we only had 3 hours at the park. Three hours feels like ten when you are trying to keep up with first graders. 

We've been to Discovery Park a couple times, but it's always fun.

There were so many parents there, that we were only in charge of one other little boy, Nathan. He and Miles had a good time together.

The boys got a sack lunch from school and I got something from the snack bar. When I brought mine back to eat with them, Miles grabbed my hamburger and Nathan ate my fries. I was happy to share :)

I think Miles is the official shoe tier at school. 

We ran into some friends throughout the day.

Miles, Nate, and Tyler play baseball together. Such sweet friends.

I was able to drive Miles home which meant that we could stay at the park a little longer and play.

His buddy, Gaige, stayed with his mom too. They have a really big slide that the boys rode at least 20 times. Miles was scared earlier in the day, so I was happy to sit while he rode it over and over again. Anything to conquer one of his fears. You have to wear shoe covers. He helped Gaige with his until he got the hang of it. Proud of my little helper.

It was a fun day, but I am exhausted! Chaperoning a field trip with first graders is no easy chore.

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