Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Day of Doctors' Appointments

Our morning started at an appointment to check on Carson.  Miles has been looking forward to this b/c it was his first ultrasound to see Carson.  I explained how it would go before got there and he said, "That's exactly how I imagined it."  He loved it and soaked up every minute.

The appointment went well.  He's still on track with his growth.  Right now he's in the 39th percentile.  I was a little concerned b/c that sounded slightly undeveloped to me, but the tech, who is a friend from college, said that they are only worried if the baby is under the 10th percentile.  The tumor hasn't grown from the last visit, so that was great news.  I had my second glucose test and will receive the results tomorrow.  I go back in 4 weeks for another check up and an ultrasound to monitor the baby's growth, as well as the tumor. 

Darrin and Miles left right after the ultrasound to head to the orthopedic doctor to see about his wrist. I called right at 8am to get an appointment and they were able to see him at 9:30am.  I hated to miss it, but I still had blood work, some shots, the glucose test, and a visit with my doctor.  I told Darrin to send pics.  This was the first one I received.  You would think that he would learn what kind of pics I like for the blog after 7 years of this, but not so much...

I was hoping to finish with my appointment and meet up with them, but their visit went pretty quickly, so I walked into the building just as they were walking out.  Miles said it didn't hurt and he likes his new red cast.  He chose red for Darrin's team.  It is so much smaller and lighter than the temporary cast, so I think he feels very relieved at this point. Darrin redeemed himself with this pic...

I was hoping for a waterproof cast and a recheck in 3-4 weeks, but neither of those happened.  They don't offer waterproof casts there and the doctor didn't like them anyway b/c of skin irritation.  We can order a waterproof cover to work for water days at daycare and anything else that might come up in the next several weeks.  Unfortunately, we don't go back for six weeks.  That's a bummer, but I'm sure time will pass quickly.  Praying that it's completely healed at that point and they don't have to put another one on.

Next stop, a dentist appointment for Miles.  This was already on the books and since I had to reschedule once, I really wanted to keep this appointment.  He was happy to show everyone his new red cast.  His check up went well and the dentist really bragged on his teeth.  Always good to hear that he/we are doing what we are supposed to in that department.

I ended up taking the day off.  Just too much going on to get anything done at work.  Miles has been a champ today.  The cast isn't slowing him down at all.  We managed to squeeze in a trip to the library.  I really want to him to continue reading this summer since he progressed so much during the school year.  He really does a good job with reading and he seems to like it.  It always amazes me to see him enjoy reading, even when he has to struggle through, b/c I do not like reading at all.  When he comes to a word he doesn't know, many times he will say, "Don't tell me" while he works hard to sound it out.  He figures out about half of them on his own.

He also worked outside with Darrin.  He asked to cut the sleeves out of the shirt b/c he "wanted to be just like Dad."  Be still my heart.

The cast isn't slowing down some baseball practice either.  He can't throw or bat, but he & Darrin figured out that he can catch and then throw the balls down.  Thankfully we have a large bucket of balls that I bought on Craigslist, so they can throw for a while and then pick them all up.

It's been a busy day, but extremely productive.  I'm so thankful that we were able to get Miles into the orthopedic today so we can begin this healing process.  Tomorrow, he starts day camp at a church right beside my office.  We've never had to worry about someone to watch him during the summer b/c he's always been in daycare.  Since he went to afterschool this year at the school, we didn't have anywhere for him to go this summer.  The day camp is for ages K-5th grade.  It's basically daycare with a lot more activities.  This will be the first time, between daycare and school, that he won't have to take a nap.  He hasn't taken one at home consistently for a couple years, but day after day of endless activities and no nap will probably catch up fast.  I'm expecting one tired kid tomorrow night.

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