Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Miles spent the night with a friend for the first time this weekend.  He's tried once before but didn't make it all night.  He was invited to his best friend, Colin's birthday party, which was a movie and sleepover in Martin. 

Colin and Miles went to the same daycare since they were infants, literally from 9 weeks on.  Miles has missed him terribly since we moved.  There was one other boy at the sleepover that also went to the same daycare.  I thought if there was ever a chance that he would make it all night, it would be with these friends.  He had a great time and the sleepover was a success!

The plan was for Darrin and I to go on a date while Miles was away.  Late in the day on Friday, I texted Darrin and told him that I really wasn't in the mood to go out to eat.  He agreed.  We decided to stay home with the promise that we would still spend time together rather than falling asleep on the couch at 8:30pm which is always tempting.  We ended up playing three hours worth of games.

Then, at 10pm we ate McDonald's.  It's a fancy life we lead. McDonald's breakfast all day = genius.

On Saturday morning, we dealt with sleepover aftermath. Poor kid was so tired that he couldn't even function. I tried not to hold it against him b/c his emotions were literally out of his control.   He was crying, throwing pillows, and kicking over stools.  Fun times.

He finally fell asleep on my lap and woke up an hour later, back to his normal self.  

I didn't feel great on Saturday, but there were a few things I really wanted to accomplish while Darrin worked all day on the yard. I decided to pay Miles to do them instead.  He earned $10 for scrubbing the mailbox, cleaning my shower floor, bringing the trash can back from the road (it's a haul), and watering the flowers.  Money well spent.

Kids like to work....don't let them fool you.  He kept telling me how good the Comet cleaner worked :)  He was proud of the job he did.

On Saturday night, we had some new church friends over for some backyard fun.  

We roasted hot dogs & made smores.  I highly recommend the big, flat marshmallows for smores.

The kids had fun together too.

They loved riding and exploring.  They played and caught fireflies after it got dark.

We agreed that it needed to be a weekend tradition b/c it was cheap & easy fun.  After everyone left, Miles was exhausted from the weekend. As he was getting in the shower, he asked if I would make a snack so he could eat and go right to bed when he got out.  And he did just that.

I haven't felt great day, but I'm hoping it's just an off day.  I've found with this pregnancy that most of the days are good, but every now and then, I seem to have a harder day.  Today was one of those days. I thought my blood pressure might be up, which is very concerning since they are really watching that, but it wasn't. I took a long nap and did feel a little better when I got up.  We had our small group over tonight. The weather was so beautiful that we had our lesson on the patio.  After everyone left, Miles and Darrin threw the baseball for a little.  They practice once or twice everyday b/c Miles loves it so much.  He's gotten sooooo much better since the season started.  Obviously the coaches have helped, but I credit a lot to Darrin working with him a little bit every day. 

Now it's time for a little TV before calling it a night.  Tomorrow is the last day of school.  It's a half day.  I took a half day off of work so I could pick him up for a little celebration.  One of his friends is coming home with him for the afternoon.  I can't believe this year is already over.  It's been a good one!

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