Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Dental Spa Let Down & Pa's Birthday

So....I had an appointment at the dental spa today. I was so excited all day waiting for my 1pm appointment. As I signed in at the front desk, I noticed a little sign that said "Sorry for the inconvenience, but comfort services are not available today."  It mentioned taking a "rain check" if you wanted to, but it seemed a little silly to cancel considering I was there for a dentist appointment, not a day at the spa.  Plus, I really didn't know what the sign meant anyway. It soon became clear that "comfort services" are code for all things "dental spa".  It gets worse from there. The hygienist was really nice, but she was so rough and slow. Bad combination. Then, she said she was going to perform a periocheck, or something like that, which meant she was going to shove a tool into my gums approximately 9,000 times to see if they bled.  The end result was that I need to floss more. I could have saved us all the trouble and said that from the start.  I haven't decided if I'm going to give the dental spa another try in 6 months.  If I do, a new hygienist is a must or the deal is off. 

Darrin's parents came down tonight to celebrate Pa's belated birthday.  We made Mexican chicken & rice, and Granny brought some apple pie.

We bought Pa some PJs for his birthday.  Slightly random, but they spoke to me on Black Friday.  Darrin also bought him an Under Armor shirt today, probably b/c he thought my gift was weird.

We taught Miles how to play Skipbo.  Strategy aside, he did a good job.

Granny won.  She's always a dark horse when playing cards.

You all know how I was obsessed with the show Married at First Sight?  The new season just started.  I'm off to hang out in my bedroom, with my crazy comfortable Sherpa throw, and watch the first two episodes.  Good night!

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