Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Work Christmas Party & Some Gift Ideas

Tonight was my office Christmas party.  I've only been working in this office for four months, but I have enjoyed the people so much. Darrin has only met a few of my co-workers, so I was glad to have the opportunity to introduce him to some others.  Two of the volleyball players, McKenna & Abby, volunteered to babysit Miles for a couple hours.

They decided to take him to the basketball game on campus. Unfortunately, he told them that it was the "worst night ever". We later figured out that the night didn't meet his expectations b/c he thought he would be able to run wild at the basketball game and instead he had to sit with them. Must work on his tact.

Meanwhile, we had a very good time at my Christmas party. It was a casual night just eating dinner and playing a few games. Turns out Darrin & I know zero Christmas songs. If there was a prize for the lowest score it totally would have been ours.  I sat by my new work friend & fellow coach's wife, Ginger. 

There was also a gift exchange at the party. I originally put my name in and then withdrew b/c I decided I didn't have time to obsess about the perfect gift, which is what I would have done. I thought I would share a few of the ideas that I tossed around in case any of you are struggling with Christmas gifts. 

A little desk organizer. I have one at work, one on my desk at home, and one in our sun room for Miles' crayons & markers. I think I've blogged about them on here before. I just love them. I'm thinking about giving one to Miles' teacher for Christmas stocked with fun school supplies. You can find them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and places like that.

An over sized Sherpa throw. I read about this one on a blog and ordered it immediately. I love over sized throws.  This one is really warm, so if wouldn't be good for a hot natured person. On the other hand, it's ideal for people like me that use a space heater under their desk year round.

I bought this little Forever sign at a gift shop in Martin.  I loved it as soon as I saw it. I also love the little picture frame on the left with the gold roses around it. I've seen them at two different TJ Maxx stores recently. It was $3.99!  The other frame came from Target.  I like this little arrangement on my nightstand.

I also thought about taking a game. Here are three fun ones.  We bought Boxers & Briefs years ago. It is so much fun. Darrin says we wore it out, but I still like it.  Darrin's sister introduced us to Wits & Wagers last year.  It's entertaining for all different personality types & you can play individual or with teams/partners. Loaded Questions is a new game. We played it at Thanksgiving. Witty people excel at this one. My pawn never moved off start, but I still enjoyed everyone else's answers. 

This obviously would not be good for a gift exchange, but these slippers are my favorite. I have a tan pair and a black pair. My mom gave them to me last year. I like to wear them with socks. Weird, but comfortable.

Hope this helps with an upcoming gift exchange or that hard to buy for family member!

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