Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Less Words Wednesday

As soon as next month's school menu comes out, Miles searches for the one day of the month that they serve pizza.  Since when did pizza become a monthly thing instead of a weekly menu staple???

I may or may not have secretly eaten waffles in my bedroom tonight...

...while I fed my child salmon and a baked potato in the kitchen. He loves salmon, but I think he would have protested if I was eating waffles at the same table b/c I don't like salmon.  He surprised me by getting out of the bath tub early, so I quickly retreated to the bedroom while he dried off :)

We are still obsessed with drawing.  We have gone back to our how to draw books from last winter.

On the way home from school today, Miles said that his class made a big "thankful" list. When I asked what he said he was thankful for, he said, "I said our teacher."  I was pondering about how that was an interesting choice for him when he admitted, "I thought maybe if I said that she might move my clip up." Laugh or cry???

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