Thursday, February 26, 2015


Complete randomness to discuss tonight.  I did everyone a huge favor today.  I bought a pair of snow boots.  You're welcome.  It's sure not to snow until next winter now that I have the cutest little snow shoes to wear.  They are North Face boots and I got them for $22!!  They were calling my name. I'm pretty determined to not be wearing the same snow outfit in our "Sledding 2016" pictures.  I took this picture in my car b/c we like to share our lunch time purchases at work and I didn't feel like lugging them upstairs to my office.  Anyone else share ALL their purchases with the co-workers??

I'm actually fine if it doesn't snow again until next winter. My driveway has looked like this for well over a week.  Over it.

We had breakfast for dinner tonight.  Big time crowd pleaser around here.  Omelets with cheese and bell peppers & onions on the side.

Miles approves too...

I think Miles laughed harder tonight than I've ever heard him laugh.  I was whispering in his ear and he thought it was hilarious.  He's as ticklish as me and I really think that's what was getting him. Fun with my baby!

So...that's all I have for you.  It's been a busy week for our family that culminated with some major decisions and events last night & today.  More details coming soon.  We have been exhausted every night after high emotions and stresses.  Tonight is no exception, so I'm off to crawl in bed at 8:27pm.  Good night!

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