Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a big weekend.  After 8 years of driving his Equinox, we bought a new car for Darrin.  He's been such a trooper waiting until the time was right.  Miles did not think car shopping was very fun.

After two dealerships, we decided to hand him over to Aunt Crystal...

...and Uncle Steve.  They watched him all day and night, while we shopped aimlessly.

When we left the house in the morning, we didn't know if we were buying a car, truck, or SUV.  It was a rocky start and tensions were high.  We really wanted & needed to buy something that day.  We've been talking about getting a truck for a while, so we started with that.  After discussing it further and looking around, that just didn't seem like a good fit.  Darrin needed a vehicle that he would enjoy driving back and forth to work, but also one that wouldn't kill us in gas on longer recruiting trips.  We looked at so many different makes and models, drove a few, and Darrin was talking to a salesman about a Grand Jeep Cherokee...a Ford Edge caught my eye.  I actually drive one at work occasionally when we go on trips and I immediately thought it might be something he liked.  When it comes to, furniture, even houses...we do not waste time making a decision. We've always made big purchase decisions very quickly.  Example A, I looked at our house on Sunday.  Darrin went back with me on Wednesday.  We had a signed contract by 8:30am the following day.  We don't play.  So....we drove the Edge, drove a Jeep Cherokee, sat in the Edge again, and we were done.  It took very little negotiating to get a fair deal & that was all!  I really think we settled on the perfect car for Darrin.

The process didn't take long, but it did make us late for Darrin's dad's retirement dinner. No bueno.  Even though we missed his dinner, I think he knows that we couldn't be happier for him.  We wish him many days of beautiful fishing weather.

Miles had his heart set on a red truck, so we changed the interior ambient lighting to red before we picked him up.  I thought he might be a little upset, but he thought the outside was amazing.  I told him we had a surprise inside, which was the lighting.  Unfortunately he guessed a DVD player and then the red lighting didn't seem so cool.

We also did a little clothes shopping after the car shopping.  It was an expensive weekend!

This little guy just fell asleep next to me. I can't imagine a better way to end a fun weekend.


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