Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekend Update

Just a quick update b/c I started working out at 5am two weeks ago and I'm still going! I actually found something that I like. It helps that I have friends there. I try to get in bed by 10pm on the nights before I work out. I think it makes a big difference.

Miles had a field trip on Friday to a local pizza place that has a few arcade games.

Carson rocked some Mickey Mouse and a faux hawk for daycare on Friday. I think he's stealing their hearts at already :)

Looking up to Daddy...

He decided that he hates broccoli in this moment. It was fine a minute earlier, but not anymore apparently. He likes all foods, but not all foods every day. I guess he already knows what he's in the mood for. 

Miles had another party today for a baseball teammate who also happens to be Myles. My Miles would like to legally change his name to spell it with a "y". Sorry buddy.

Carson did a little standing on his own this weekend. The picture is super blurry, but it's the best I could get. He was up and down much faster than my phone wanted to take a picture.

Just watching some Saturday cartoons like a big boy. Clearly we are outgrowing 12 months...

Carson and I went swimming on Saturday afternoon. His new ear plugs worked like a charm. They don't bother him at all either.

He loved swimming. I put him on the side of the pool and he fell over for me to catch him a million times. He loved it. He even loved going under and splashing his face in the water. We only lasted about an hour, but it was fun. He kept trying to drink the water and so we called it quits. I just couldn't live with that.

He's been kind of fussy off and on all weekend. Last night, he was up and down a few times before he finally went down for the night. That's very unusual for him. My theories are teething, shots from Wednesday, or he's hungry. He eats a lot, but I think he might need to eat a little more often. Before bed tonight, I gave him a big snack of carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, and applesauce, and then topped it off with a dose of Motrin and a bottle of almond milk. He went to sleep without a peep and I think he's down for the night.

He had his first accident tonight. He pulled a small lamp off of a dresser and onto himself. He has a bump above his eye and a little busted blood vessel below. He cried for about 30 seconds. I actually thinks it looks worse in the picture, but it might look pitiful tomorrow.

My mom came for a quick visit and Darrin had camp for half the weekend. I also threw in a consignment sale, grocery shopping, and food prep for the week. It's been a busy one, but I guess we are ready for the week ahead!

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