Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Class of 2028 & 2035

Miles had his back to school party for the upcoming 2nd graders, also known as the Class of 2028.

I will always remember how lonely we were at the first Back to School party right after we moved here. We didn't know anyone and it was a sad reminder that we had left a lot of very good friends in Martin. 

It feels so good now to know people wherever we go...parties, the ballpark, church, Walmart...b/c where else would we see anyone out and about around here??

Miles had such a good time at the party. He swam hard for two hours and went down the slide a million times.

I made him stop here and there to get a few pictures with some good friends. He and Mason see each other every day at the school's summer care program, so they actually didn't play together much. He told me on the way home that they don't always play together, but that doesn't mean they aren't friends.

I made him take a picture with his 1st grade crush, Annalise, and he just about died.

I joke with him about her being a crush, but really they were great friends last year. They got along so well. They always picked each other for partners to do school work. I think they were glad to see each other tonight.

And just like that, he's ready for 2nd grade.Teachers haven't officially been communicated, but I know who we have if nothing changes and I'm hearing such good things. They say that she is strict but so much fun. Just.What.We.Need. Fingers crossed that it won't change.

Carson stayed with Stephanie for a little while until Darrin could pick him up. I think she got some good loving. He really is the sweetest.

I kid you not about this next statement...I got added to the Medina Hornets Class of 2035 Facebook page yesterday. I'll pause while you take that in. They are coordinating an annual picture of all the babies and we will continue until 2035. When I added it up to confirm that he will graduate in 2035, I also discovered that I will be 59. Y'all, I can't. Only time will tell if he will play basketball or football for the Hornets.

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