Monday, July 17, 2017

Day One

The first day of Carson's new daycare is in the books. He was perfectly fine when I dropped him off. He was playing with all the new toys as I was unloading all of his supplies. Then I decided to go back to the car and get my phone so I could take a picture with his teacher, Ms. Martha. The second time I left, he wasn't having it. I knew he would be fine as soon as I got out of sight, so I apologized to Ms. Martha for causing the drama and quickly escaped.

It seems that he recovered nicely.

Darrin couldn't help with the boys today due to his schedule, so I dropped off in two different towns and then made my way to work in yet another town. The whole process takes around 50-55 minutes. Life will be a little crazy until Miles' school moves to our side of town next fall. Until then, we will just have to deal. It's worth it b/c both boys are in the school/daycare that we want them to be in.

I think Carson's first day went well although I didn't get any kind of note saying how his day was. They had a fire drill and Carson's room was full for the first time. I think there was another new kid in his class also. I think it was just a crazy day. Hopefully I will get the scoop when I drop him off tomorrow. He was starving and exhausted when I picked him up. He ate two helpings of spaghetti, a garlic cheese biscuit, and a big serving of applesauce. I couldn't feed him fast enough. Then, he cried and cried until I gave him a bottle at 6:45pm and put him to bed for the night. I don't think he's moved. Must have been a big first day!

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