Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

My computer has been acting up for the last week, which is making it very difficult to blog. It's old and I'm afraid we won't be able to put off buying a new one for much longer. This post is complete randomness from the weekend and a few from last week, but I better get it up while I can.

Friday night called for walking tacos...taco meat in bags of crushed up chips. Also, Miles has learned to play Solitare which is fantastic. I wonder how long he will be entertained playing a card game by himself???


This cutie has been sporting a faux hawk lately. Daddy started it and I continued it b/c I think it's adorable.

He's also getting around better. Walking may not be as far off as I thought.

Miles insisted on wearing a hoodie to school on Friday even though the heat index was in the 100s. I thought maybe it was cold at school. He tends to be cold natured like me. When he dresses himself to work in the yard with Darrin, he will always put on pants and a long sleeved shirt. When I pulled in the driveway on Friday afternoon, he was practicing baseball in said hoodie. I'm not sure he took it off all day. 

Just playing in the shower while mom gets ready for work...

While I was out of town last week, Darrin took the boys to the movies. While mom is away the boys will watch a PG-13 movie. Darrin said that they were the only ones in the theater which was good b/c he had to pace with Carson. He said if anyone else had been in there they would have had to leave.

PJs early on Friday night and everyone was happy about it.

Saturday morning TV watching...

Stephanie and I took Miles and her nephew, Hunt, to the local city pool today. Not too shabby. I think the boys had fun. We will definitely be doing this again.

Carson starts his new daycare tomorrow. He will be taking a nap on a nap mat. Should be an interesting transition for him. I asked my mom to make a nap mat cover for him. She made this cozy blue cover for him. And, in true grandma fashion she also made him a back up. That's what grandmas are for. He crawled back and forth on it about 10x when I showed it to him.

Off to bed I go! Hopefully the computer will cooperate and I can post Carson's birthday pictures very soon.

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