Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Minute Trip to the Zoo

We decided very spur of the moment to go to the zoo on Sunday. It seemed like a great day to show Carson one of our favorite places. It also seemed like a perfect day for their Big Bro, Lil Bro shirts.


We love the Memphis zoo. So clean and so many animals. It's nice that it's just a little over an hour from our house now.


As we were walking in Miles said, "It's so fun having Carson here with us." He enjoys every moment with Carson. It's amazing to watch.


It was a perfect day at the zoo. The weather was beautiful and the animals were all active. Sometimes zoos are hit or miss. It seemed like everywhere we went the animals were doing something fun.


The meerkats are always one of our favorite stops. 


Carson and I decided to sit out of the bats and snakes. I wouldn't want him to be scared or anything...

About an hour into our day, the front wheel fell off the stroller. I bought this gem from Bargain Hunt and it's been a real 'bargain' since we got it. I really like it when it works correctly. Unfortunately that isn't often. Darrin kept his cool and used his handy dandy pocket knife to fix it. I don't what I would have done if I was by myself. We probably would have come home stroller-less.

We let Miles have a Mt Dew all to himself and it might have been the highlight of his day. I think Pepsi needs to pay us for this product placement :)

Carson was such a trooper. He was a little bit of a challenge on the way home but only b/c he was overly tired. Since this experience, we have booked a hotel midway to the beach. Know your limits!

A grizzly bear took off running and belly flopped into the water in front of us. Then, we got to watch him play in it for at least 15 minutes.

This chimp put on a show for us too. He was so close that even Carson could see him.

They were feeding the penguins right as we walked up. I know Darrin would never let anything happen to our boys, but letting Carson sit on the rail made me a nervous wreck. It felt like Michael Jackson dangling his baby over the balcony.

On our way out, the boys played in the water. We learned on our first zoo trip with Miles to just let him wear swimming trunks. It's the perfect ending to a day at the zoo. They have redone all the wadding areas and it is really nice. Carson was apprehensive at first, but then splashed his little heart out. 

His humor cracks me up.

This is what it finally took for Carson to fall asleep on the way home. I didn't have a blanket, so those are all the extra clothes that were in his diaper bag. 

You know it's bad if I'm sitting in the back seat.

We couldn't have asked for a better day at the zoo!

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