Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last Day of School

The first day of 1st grade...

The last day of 1st grade...

It's been a great year with this class. Lots of friends and very involved parents.

Mrs. April was the best teacher imaginable. I sent the principal an email to brag on her. Here's an excerpt to remember why we loved her so much..."She is strict without being mean, she is an excellent communicator, she balances learning with fun, she involves parents at a good level, and she gives very little homework. I appreciate that she requires order in her classroom, but still allows them to be kids."

Miles has made several very good friends since we've moved to Medina, but few that he's connected with like this one, Mason. I am so glad that they met in Mrs. April's class. They aren't always the best for each other's behavior, but they are both good kids and they love hanging out in class and after school. They tell everyone that they are brothers, but that their mom got confused at the hospital and messed up their last names. I text his mom to tell her the story and said, "so basically one of us is stupid." :)

Miles seems to find one girl each year and crush hard all year. This year it was this one, Annalise Friend. Regardless of the crush, they seem like genuinely good friends. Her mom said that she isn't as girly as other girls and I say that Miles isn't as rough as other boys, so it seems like a perfect match. They always picked the other one to partner with during classwork and to sit beside whenever possible. Miles will miss her.

 Will and Zach were also good friends from his class. They play baseball together too.

Owen, Miles, and Gaige were in class together last year and this year.

After the half day today, Miles went home with these boys to play. Nate and Tyler weren't in the same class with Miles this year, but they were all friends last year and play baseball together now. They were a rowdy bunch after sugar highs from class parties combined with the excitement of the last day of school. I felt so sorry for Tyler's mom as they were walking to her car.

This year has flown by. Miles has learned so much. He reads so well, but loves math even more. He can add double digit numbers in his head and can easily spout off answers to any multiplication question. We are amazed at what he has learned in math. He has been able to work ahead of the class by spending his computer time playing a program called Moby Max, which is another thing that is amazing about his teacher. School is breeze to him, which I don't take for granted. His favorite thing about school is P.E. He also loves math and music. He's going to spend his summer at the summer program offered by the after school program. He's not excited about it, but I have high hopes. They have a lot of fun activities planned, and Mason will be there, so it's destined to be fun!

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