Thursday, May 25, 2017

Take Your Kid to Work Day and Carson Likes to Feed Himself

Since Miles is out of school and his summer program hasn't started yet, that means 2.5 days at work with dad. Thankfully, Miles can occupy himself and Darrin isn't very busy right now. Darrin didn't let him take any electronics to work today. It's amazing how much better his behavior is without them and he even enjoys things like reading when the tablet and Kindle aren't options. My mom bought him a Hardy Boys book and he's on chapter six.

He found some time to email me a few times at work. 

One of his emails said, "I love my mom so much she feeds me she helps me she is amazing I love my mom so much!!"

Carson's summer program started this week. Summer program means they provide food. He loves table food. His teacher sent me this picture the first day and said that he made a happy plate.

We've been feeding him a combination of baby food and table food at home for a while. He likes it, but he most definitely does not enjoy the small bites. Taking a cue from daycare, we decided to let him feed himself.

It is much messier that way, but he doesn't scream and cry the whole time, so the mess is totally worth it.

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