Monday, May 22, 2017

Tough Loss

Miles' city league season came to an abrupt end tonight. They finished 3rd during the season and got put out in the first game of the tournament. It just wasn't their night and the other team did a good job of hanging in there.

Miles threw two kids out from third to first and also tagged a kid out at third. But, he also had some rough throws that cost several runs. As Darrin says, that's how they learn.

He made some great, new friends from this team and this is one of them. He and Lucas really hit it off. I think their temperaments were similar. We enjoyed getting to know him and his parents.

We are fortunate that we still get to play travel ball every weekend in June. I felt so badly for the kids whose season ended short tonight.

Granny & Pa came to support and encourage after a sad loss. Miles still has some learning and growing to do regarding competition. I think it's normal, but for now he is still more concerned about his individual performance. If he has it in him, I think maturity and experience will develop his competitive spirit. After the game, he walked up to me and said, "That sucks." I said, "Yes it does. Don't say that again."

It's funny, b/c I haven't enjoyed city league very much. The competition has been very uneven. We either win big or lose big. Obviously finishing as the 3rd seed means that we won big more often than not. It's ironic that we got put out by a 6th seed tonight. I hope it is a good lesson to our boys that any team can beat you on any night, and when you are the underdog that you can never give up.

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