Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our Day in Pictures

We learned that Carson likes soggy Cheerios, more so than his expression shows. I was eating a bowl of Cheerios and thought it would be easier for him to eat them when they are already soggy. Worked like a charm. He loved them. I love that Cheerios are gluten free now too.

This pretty much sums up the last two days for me. I don't feel bad, but I sound awful. Cough medicine with codeine is tricky while working!

Carson has become impossible on the changing table. I resorted to dressing him while he's on his stomach. It's a challenge, but easier than trying to keep him on his back.

We enjoyed the last warm day for a while. We played outside when we got home today. Then, it got kind of windy and I worried about Carson's ears. He already looked a little puny when I picked him up from daycare. Let's hope he's not getting sick.

After dinner, bath, homework, and laundry we had time to sit on the couch and watch one episode of Full House, which is a new favorite around here. It's such a cute show for Miles to watch. Better than the teeny bopper shows he likes to watch.

I had Carson's pictures made a couple weeks ago. They turned out so cute. She didn't have an option to buy all the rights, but I did buy the rights to two of them. I knew I would buy several copies and larger prints, so it was cheaper to buy the rights and order them myself. This was my favorite of just Carson.

This was my favorite of the boys together. It literally made me cry when I saw it. I love how sincerely Carson is looking at Miles. I can't wait to buy a huge print and hang it in our house.

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