Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Baseball Practice

The fields were closed today b/c it rained so hard this morning. I thought practice might be cancelled, which would not have hurt my feelings. Instead, I got a text saying they were going to practice in a parking lot. Since there were no lights, they had to move practice from 6pm to 5pm. I've been working it out with the parents to help with Miles, but since it was last minute, we just had to deal. That meant that Carson and I had to hang out in the car during practice. Neither of us liked the idea of that.

There wasn't enough time to go home since I wasn't really sure when practice would end. Carson was pretty good. There was a surprise poopy diaper, but I'll spare you the details. On the rare occasion that he gets upset, it's usually b/c he has a dirty diaper. I should have known. Better luck next time.

He was most content to sit in the seat next to me. He was taking up a whole seat and I was sitting on a console between him and his car seat.

It will be so nice when the weather warms up and we aren't confined to the car.

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