Monday, March 6, 2017

Scenes from Daycare and School

Carson's teacher is so nice to send pictures during the day. She doesn't send one everyday, but I'm always happy to see that I have a text from her. I text her today to see how Carson was doing. He was a little puny over the weekend, but it seemed to come and go. I contemplated taking him back to the doctor today just so she could look him over and check his ears. Ms. Kristen sent this picture back as her reply, so I decided not to take him. I think he's on the mend.

The elementary students where Carson goes to daycare had a book parade. They dressed up as a character from their favorite book and paraded around the halls holding the book. Carson's teachers pushed their cribs into the hallway and they sat with a friend and watched parade. Carson sat with the only girl in the class, Thea. They are the two youngest. If he's anything like his older brother, he will end up being a girl crazy at a young age.

He's still not crawling, but he loves to sit and play, especially with new toys.

Now that the kids in Carson's class are getting a little older, they are able to go for stroller rides around the school. He's in the back left. He has the cutest little of joy on his face.

His face is priceless in this one too. He looks so proud.

I went to Miles' school the other day to read to his class. It was 'Read Across America' week and the teacher asked mystery readers to come every day. I got there a little early and ate lunch with him too. He was so proud to have me there but that didn't stop him from telling me in front of all his friends that I needed a hair cut. He's gets his tact from me :) This is the first time that he didn't cry when I left.

He doesn't like to read, but he's competitive enough to do it anyway so that he can have a lot of AR points. I think there is only one girl in the class that has more than him. I'm pretty sure he does just enough to stay ahead. The AR 20 Point Club is posted in the hall.

This is Annalise behind him. We hear a lot about Annalise at home. His teacher even sent me a text the other day and told me to ask him what the 'A' on his hot air balloon picture stood for. I immediately responded and said that my guess would be Annalise and she agreed. He claims that it was for Alabama. He's smitten with her. I tell him he's not old enough to have a girlfriend, but I'm pretty sure she would be the one if he could (or if he admitted it to me). 

We are lucky enough to have a very nice public school district and a great daycare for Carson. Carson will be switching to a new daycare after he turns one though. He will go to a daycare that is closer to our home. It doesn't hurt that it's also cheaper. It has a great reputation and from what I hear, it reminds me of Miles' daycare. Switching to this daycare will allow him to grow up with kids that he will eventually go to school with. That was a major problem when Miles started school. Of course, we couldn't do anything about it b/c we had just moved here, but if we can avoid that with Carson, we definitely want to.

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