Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday, Carson dressed like a dinosaur to go to school. Not really, but his hat was really cute.

I couldn't resist his face in this picture even though it doesn't show his hat very well.

Miles dressed like a 7 year old. Random fact, I bought this outfit at Walmart and it has been my favorite all winter. I usually buy a couple outfits there at the beginning of each season. They always have one or two that I like, but then the colors get crazy in similar outfits. It's a Russell set and the pants and shirt are so soft and have held up so well.

We usually go crazy over Carson before it's time to leave in the mornings.

We switch up who rides with whom. Miles rode with me on Friday and this is the a fake smile b/c he's not happy about it. My car is old and doesn't have satellite radio, so I am no fun to ride with. I play Christian music in my car most of the time too and that's a double whammie.

We hung around the house on Friday night. Carson has really gotten into playing with toys. He played for an hour just like this.

Before we went to bed on Friday night, I made the statement that we needed to sleep in b/c we had nothing to do all day on Saturday. That was the worst thing to say. Only one person complied...once I put him in my bed. When I went to get Carson from his room at 5:30am, Miles was up watching TV already. 

On Saturday, the weather was calling for rain, sleet, and snow, so I went to get some snacks from the grocery store. In our family, you can't eat anything but junk food on snow days. I bought Miles something that he asks for every time we go to Walmart and I always refuse to buy.

Carson also got a snack. That's a teething biscuit in his hand. He didn't think much of it. In fact, we found one under the table when we were vacuuming today.

It rained and sleeted all morning, and just when we thought there was no way it was going to snow, it did this.

Snow days also call for lots of games, so we had a little tournament. We played a game and then the winner picked the next game. We played Quixx, Blokus, Wits and Wagers, Rummikub, Uno and Clue twice. I schooled them

Miles took a break from the games to ride his four wheeler in the snow. It was still coming down as he was riding.

Darrin taught him how to do donuts, which I think could come back to haunt us one day. 

Hopefully soon we can get a 4 wheeler so we can ride with him. It will probably be our next big purchase.....after a washer and dryer.

The snow was beautiful to watch all day. Today, it's completely gone. It didn't take long to melt b/c it was such a sunny day.

This sweet little boy is 8 months old today. I can't believe how fast his first year is going. We are loving how active he is becoming. He staying up longer and is so much fun to play with. He laughs and coos at us all day long.

What a fun, relaxing weekend it has been. I can't remember the last time that the four of us were home all weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to be except church on Sunday. I am sad that it's over, but feel recharged for the week ahead.

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