Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Less Words Wednesday

This kid was happy to be picked up in car line today since Darrin had to stay home with Carson.

Carson still feels about the same. Low fever and puny. He's going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. Darrin and I are going to split the day home with him.

We had a rare dinner out the other night.

We don't eat out often and even less now that Carson is here. Carson slept most of the time and stared at Darrin the entire time he was awake.

Spent some time hanging with Stephanie the other day...also rare. We got our nails done, ate lunch, and ran some errands. Time well spent.

While I was away, Darrin apparently mistreated my baby. How dare he put him

My view while I was getting ready the other morning.

We had a lot of fun over Miles' Christmas break, which included sleeping in forts. I was sad to see Christmas break come to an end today.

Still working word searches every night, even in his forts.

I made this recipe the other night. I forgot how good it is, especially on a cold night.

Carson is doing a great job in his high chair lately. More to come on all his new foods. He's loving everything.

I'm super excited that half of the work week is over! Both kids are asleep and Darrin and I are off to work a puzzle. Good night!

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