Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Sickness

Carson went back to daycare this morning after being off all last week. I actually thought to myself, I wonder how long we can make it until gets sick now that we are into winter. Ironically, one of his teachers text me around 4:45, just before I was leaving to pick him up, to tell me that he had a 100.5 fever. She said that he had been sleepy and puny all day. He wouldn't let them lay him down. We haven't given him any Tylenol yet, b/c I want to see what we are dealing with and also want to let his fever try to fight off the sickness.

In hindsight, he was probably getting sick last night. His cheeks were red and he cried out several times during the night.

Darrin is going to stay home with him tomorrow. Whenever possible, he stays home with the boys, so that we save my time for when he can't. He was a little restless when we got home today, but he's resting comfortably in the recliner with Darrin now. Here's hoping he sleeps it off and that it doesn't get any worse.

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