Thursday, October 13, 2016

Welcome to Daycare

Well...he made is 1.5 days in daycare before getting sick. This is how I feel about daycare germs.

Since I'm back at work, Darrin and I are sharing the 2am feeding. He did it last night. When he came to bed afterwards, he informed me that Carson had a low grade fever. He had a couple shots on Tuesday, so we surmised that it could be from that. Since his fever was below 100.4, his teacher said we could bring him. She ended up calling around noon to tell me that his fever was climbing. I picked him up and headed home. I don't know if it's sickness or just from his shots. The highest his fever got was 100.5. The only other symptom is watery eyes. He's been less active than usual and just kind of puny. I'm hoping he will sleep well and wake up feeling better.

Miles had a game tonight. I told him this morning that Carson wouldn't be able to go to the game if he got worse during the day. My mom was coming in town this afternoon, so I gave him the option of one of us going to the game and the other staying home with Carson.

He wanted Marmee to take him to the game.

I hated to miss it, but I read a blog once about how younger kids don't need to be dragged to every game and/or practice for their older siblings, forcing them to constantly be out of their routine. I know that is a personal choice, but it made sense to me. Miles was able to stay home and have the safety and security of a routine, so Carson is owed that as well. The same blog also said that this taught older kids that everything doesn't revolve around them. Also a good lesson, but hard for a mom that hated to miss the game tonight. I'm thankful that my mom was willing to go and that Miles was very excited to have her there.

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