Friday, October 21, 2016

7 Things

1) Before Carson started daycare, I said I was going to dress him in sleepers everyday. I used to think that Miles needed to be in an outfit for daycare everyday. I would usually dress him in a sleeper on Fridays but that was it. Crazy, right? I know. Well guess what, I'm still not ok with sleepers everyday. Carson wears them more than Miles did, but I still like to dress him for daycare. So, I've been doing a little shopping for some 'real' outfits. How cute is this one? I would love it more if it buttoned between the legs, but it is adorable. I love how precious his face and cheeks look in this picture.

2) Speaking of outfits...thank goodness for outfits you put away after Christmas last year b/c they were too big. Definitely came in handy on our first chilly day of the year. Miles has plenty of jeans but he had Little Dribblers basketball practice after school today and I just couldn't send him to do anything athletic in jeans. 

3) We were comparing pictures of Carson & Miles last night. Some of the pictures of Miles look so much like Carson, even more so as he continues to gain weight. It is hard to show in pictures, but Carson has some of the exact facial expressions as Miles, especially when he laughs.
4) We are all in love with Carson. Darrin and I used to sit around and stare at Miles. Now, Darrin, Miles, and I sit around and stare at Carson.

We were all saying our goodbyes to him before we went our separate ways :) Darrin and I have been trading up who takes which kid each day. As long as neither of us has anything going on, we each take one. It takes about 5 minutes longer to take Carson b/c you have to walk in, but both are easily and require us to leave around the same time, which is between 7-7:15am.

5) Carson is doing really well at daycare. I was slightly worried about him going b/c he can be a little high maintenance, but he hasn't shown them that side yet. He's all smiles while he's there. They always tell me how sweet he is. Mrs. Kristen usually sends me one picture a day.

6) Carson slept through the night last night! We laid him down at 10pm after 4 ounces of milk mixed with 4 tbsp of rice cereal. I heard him whimper at 4am but he went back to sleep and didn't cry to wake up until 5am! It was so nice to sleep, but I did stalk the monitor a little during the early morning hours. I remember with Miles, it makes you nervous at first when they start sleeping longer.

7) I don't have a picture to go with this one, but friends from our small group have been so good to us this week and I want to remember it. Last Sunday, I text a friend to ask if she could watch Carson for 30 minutes that night while I ran a few errands. She replied "yes ma'am" without hesitation. On Wednesday night, another friend brought us dinner for no reason. Today, I was in line to buy diapers when I ran into another friend from small group. She insisted on buying my case of diapers b/c she never bought us a present. No doubt the Lord has placed this group of people in our lives!

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