Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carson's Name

I was telling someone the other day how Carson’s name came to be and it dawned on me that I had not shared that story on here. I think it will be neat for him to read one day how we decided on Carson Lynn and the other names we were considering. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, we decided on Jordan Lynn for a girl. We tossed several boy names around, including Jordan for a boy. After some back and forth, we narrowed first names down to Tanner, Carson, Taylor, or Jordan.

While at work one day, Darrin decided to write these four names on a white board on his office door for people to vote. Carson was a clear favorite.

After that day, Darrin and Miles started calling the baby Carson every time they would talk about him. For a while, I would remind them that we had not decided on that yet, but they continued. I just wanted to deliberate a while longer since we had arrived at Carson so easily. Naming Miles took a long time, so I guess I just didn’t think it should be that easy. Not long after that, we were driving down the road and one of them called him Carson again at which point I asked if we should just make it official. Of course, they agreed.

As for Lynn, that is my middle name. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before. We did go back and forth on that a little, but in the end, it was very meaningful for me for Carson to have my middle name since Miles has Darrin’s. I am SO glad that we went with Lynn. I love the fact that he is my namesake, especially after all the two of us have been through with the delivery and our recoveries. Hopefully it will mean as much to Carson one day.

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