Monday, March 7, 2016

It's a Boy!!!

I went to the doctor this morning at 8:30am for our gender reveal ultrasound.  You can find out at 20 weeks, or you can pay $75 to find out at 16 weeks.  It was money well spent.  The girl that did the ultrasound was actually a sorority sister from college.  She sealed our results in an envelope and we went off to work.  Thankfully Mondays are very busy for me.  It was a long day, but still went by pretty fast. 

We decided against a gender reveal party for several reasons.  First, I've learned to 'just say no' to stress.  The coordinating dates with family, the planning, the organizing....I just decided to opt out. I had just planned a few different get togethers with family to announce that we were having a baby and didn't really want to do it all again so soon.  Second, I learned during the announcing of the baby, that the crowds and attention on Miles was not fun for him. We really wanted him to enjoy this moment.  I also worried about his disappointment if it was a girl and wanted to make sure he could express whatever he needed to.  And last but not least, we did not want to wait a second longer than we had to before finding out.  Having a party probably would have meant that we would have to wait until the weekend.

Our friends, Rachel & Travis, offered to repay the favor and fill the pinata for us, take pictures, and video.  Miles has always wanted to bust open a pinata, so it sounded like a perfect plan.  I was so anxious in this picture.  It was such a crazy feeling to know we were about to find out.

It took about 5-6 swings and blue came pouring out!

I died.  It was such a surprise and then knowing how much it meant to Miles was an unbelievable feeling.

I really tried to refrain from saying I wanted one or the other because it absolutely did not matter. I knew God would give us what was best for our family, but I really wanted a boy.  A house full of blue felt good in my heart.


My mom asked what Miles' reaction was like.  I know he was happy, but I honestly think that he's known it was a boy all along so I'm not sure he was that surprised. He couldn't get enough of the pinata though....even long after we knew.

What a great day! Let the shopping, nursery decorating, and name selecting commence!

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