Friday, July 17, 2015

The Party & Game Night

The gender reveal party was a success! I was a nervous wreck carrying the paint filled balloons across their yard and into their house.  I had visions of tripping and paint splattering all over my face. It would have been memorable, but not really what we were going for.  It's a boy!!!!!!

Let the shopping and name deliberation commence. Bane seemed totally excited that he's going to have a little brother.

We've been having some intense game nights around our house. Sorry has been a crowd favorite.  This is a perfect picture of victory and defeat...

About one second after the above picture was taken, Miles pulled Candy Land from under the Sorry box and said something to the effect of "look what's next".

We cracked up b/c that is absolutely how I am with games.  If I ever sense a lull in the mood or atmosphere I will try to speed things along to the next game or conversation so that people don't leave :)  Just ask my Thanksgiving peeps...I will trap you as long as I can.

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