Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few highlights from our weekend.  We are suckers for arcade games.  We went to a 'new to us' local pizza place on Friday night. To our surprise, there were arcade games in the back. The three of us demolished $20 worth of tokens in record time.  Quality entertainment in our book.

Saturday, we experienced a first in our marriage.  I cut the grass...the front yard anyway.  I did a lot of yard work growing up, so when we got married, I gladly bowed out of this chore. I was pretty sure the yard was going to look like it was cut in a chevron pattern since I've never operated a zero turn mower, but it turned out surprisingly straight. 

Today, I wore my hair Kaitlyn style to church...

This afternoon, we visited Darrin at volleyball camp.  My intention was to watch for an hour or so and then leave Miles with Darrin and enjoy the house to myself for the rest of the day.  Like I always do, I got sucked in and before I knew it, I ended up staying three hours.  That's what volleyball does to me.

Miles is FINALLY enjoying being in the gym.  It's taken an eternity to get to this point.  He tossed balls to Darrin during a drill...

...and ran the time clock.  I think he looks like a little DJ in the picture.  Last week, he gave himself the nick name "Money". I have no clue where this came from. He even told me once to call him Money Miles. So, as someone commented on Facebook, DJ Money in da house...

I finally left the gym around 5pm and came home to do a few things.  Laundry, bills, changed the sheets, cleaned out the frig, etc. Slowly our neighbors are coming around and introducing themselves. One couple brought us tomatoes and cucumbers from their garden.  There were a ton of tomatoes, so I made some salsa tonight.

Not at all the kind of things I would like to do when I have the house to myself, but at least I was able to get a lot done.  I will always feel the need to clean, straighten, and organize things on Sunday in order to get ready for the week.  I've been fighting a summer cold, so I'm off to bed early tonight.  Good night!!

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