Monday, July 20, 2015

Mexico - Part III

Breakfast with the kids...

Then, it was time for our usual beach morning and pool afternoon.  I got lots of pretty beach pics on this day.

The kids had fun playing in the sand.

Uncle D joined in the castle making.  Quite a trooper as the rest of the adults lounged under the palm trees.

Can you guess how much my family loved laying in the sand for this picture??  


Miles and Darrin can only take so much of a good thing, such as sitting on the beach and starring at the ocean, before they become stir crazy.  They snorkeled for a while...

...and then kayaked...

After a sufficient amount of beach time, we made our way to the pool.  This might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

Uncle Steve making waves in the pool...

On this night, we had reservations at the "surf & turf" restaurant.  Everyone was excited about it. 

Miles took this pic for us...

We also had some family pictures taken on the beach by one of the resort photographers.  We wanted a picture of all of us for my in laws.  I think it's good, but beach pics just never turn out like you imagine with all the wind and squinty eyes.  This was the best shot.  Mission accomplished.

The rest were taken by one of us.

Jumping in the air beach shot. Nailed it.

Dinner was really good.  Miles was able to get shrimp cocktail, which was fantastic, and I was able to get a really good steak.  It was a really pretty restaurant on the beach and definitely one of our favorite meals.

A rare picture of Steve. I'm not sure how he alluded my camera all week long.

One more post and should be finished with all the vacation pictures.  Revisiting these is making me want to go back to the beach a-sap!!!!

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