Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Just a few things we've been doing in the month of October.  We went to Green Acres pumpkin patch...

We painted some pumpkins....

Ninja Turtles and donuts...two of our favorite things...

We carved some pumpkins.  We followed a Pinterest tutorial that told us if we soaked our carved pumpkins in bleach water they will last longer. The result was a complete fail. They are completely rotten on my front porch.

Miles dressed up as Bumble Bee...

We decorated my car in a Batman theme for Trunk or Treat at my work.  I prefer to call it Bat Kitty b/c I think it looked more like a cat.

It only cost me $7 so that was a success in my book.  Miles and I had fun making it.

And, we drew some Halloween pictures.  Art For Kids Hub is our latest obsession. 

It's been a fun month. The cold rain kept us inside tonight but neither of us minded.  Our house is finally finished.  I hope to be back soon with some pictures. 

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