Sunday, November 1, 2015


Miles wrapped up his first soccer season yesterday.  It was actually his first time to play a team sport of any kind.  There were only six kids on the team.  They called themselves the Lions.

During games on Saturday mornings, they played three on three with no goalie.  I think I've mentioned that on here before b/c we didn't know what to think of it at first.  It sounded a little noncompetitive, sissy-ish if you will.

It ended up being a lot of fun to watch b/c they all got to be involved instead of fighting over the ball with their own teammates.  I think the kids learned a lot during the season.

Coaches Josh & Christina were great.  They both worked hard on fundamentals in practice.  Then Josh would push them hard in a game and Christina would sweetly remind him that they were 4-6 year olds.

I liked both of their styles.

Towards the end, he never complained about going, but he seemed to lose a little excitement along the way.

I credit the loss of focus to the Medina Middle School football team.  They came to the elementary school for a homecoming pep rally and football is all Miles has talked about since.

One of the best things about soccer was seeing Miles' friends at the fields on Saturday morning.

One thing that the our soccer league does is standard, reversable jerseys for everyone.  Every age group does this. The jerseys are blue on one side and red on the other.  Each week, the schedule dictates what color you wear.  

Miles was sad to not have a number on his jersey, but I really like this idea. Jerseys can be passed down or sold.

At the beginning of the season, Miles couldn't get enough.  He would practice at home and couldn't wait for the games on Saturday.

We used to say before we had kids that we weren't ever going to let them know that soccer was a sport. Soccer just wasn't a thing when Darrin and I were little.  Now, I would be perfectly happy if he played soccer from now on, and nothing else.

Yesterday, they received their dreaded participation medals.  Darrin threatened to pull a James Harrison, but I talked him off the ledge.  Coach Josh made up something for each kid, which was cute. He told Miles that he was getting his medal for the best foot work.

Darrin only got to come to two games and one practice b/c of volleyball.  That's definitely a downside to his job.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the season....getting to know the other parents and the coaches, chatting with the moms during practice, cheering like crazy people over six year olds playing soccer, and most importantly watching Miles run, play, and smile.  He's insistent that he's playing football next year. If that's what he wants to do, then we will absolutely let him. But honestly, I hope he changes his mind. I love football, but it's a different story, when you talk about your little baby playing.  I guess we have several years before it gets too rough and knowing his personality, I think it will work itself out if I just give it time.  For now, soccer was great.  Way to go, Lions!

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