Monday, September 7, 2015

Chris & Kelli's Wedding

Miles was asked to be a ring bearer in Mr. Chris' wedding.  Mr. Chris was his daycare teacher for 2 years. He was such a great teacher. His fiance was also a teacher at the daycare. They each asked two kids from their classes to be in the wedding.  Chris asked Miles & Avery...

These two go way back... all the way to the baby room at daycare when they were 2 months old. Miles was happy to see his old friend.

The two little kiddos were from Ms. Kelli's class.  The little ring bearer is actually Avery's little brother, Brody.

Rehearsal was a little rowdy with these four.

It left us all feeling very anxious about whether or not these kids were going to pull off their ring bearer and flower girl responsibilities.  Miles and Avery both get very nervous in front of people. Sometimes Miles will actually freeze in fear. I was so worried how he would react when he walked through the doors and saw all the people looking at him.

The rehearsal dinner was laid back and very nice.  These two are just the cutest...

Then Saturday came and it was time for our moment of truth.  We could not get over our little man in a tux.  I confess I glimpsed forward to his wedding for a brief moment.

Miles LOVED getting dressed up.  I was so surprised by how much he enjoyed it. He tried it all on the day we picked it up.  Then, as he was getting dressed at the church, he said, "I'm so excited!" You can tell how much he loved it by this smile.

Mr. Chris is special to all of us. I have no doubt that he and Kelli will have lots of happy years together.

Miles rocked his ring bearer duties. He held Avery's hand, walked down the aisle, and stood perfectly still during the entire wedding. He even bowed his head during the prayers.  It was so awesome to see that he was able to rise above his fears and do what he had to do.  We were very proud of him!

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