Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend (& Some Other Random Days) Wrap Up

Miles celebrated grandparents day last Thursday at school.  He was so happy to have Granny, Pa, and Marmee all with him.

They had a delicious choice between corn dogs and BBQ nachos. 

After lunch, they went back to his classroom and see some projects that he made for them.  He was also the door holder for the day, which thrilled his soul.

Darrin was out of town from Wednesday through late Saturday night.  My mom, Miles, and I hung out at home Friday night.  Soccer practice was cancelled due to the rain.  We ate leftovers and then went out to get some ice cream.  An ideal Friday night if you ask me.

Saturday morning, Miles had his first soccer game.  Getting warmed up for the game & taking some instruction from Coach Josh...

Warming up with his teammates...

In his age group, they play 3 on 3, with no goalie, and they don't keep score. Knowing this, I had no real expectations that the game would be very competitive or entertaining.  In the huddle...Go Lions!

The game was so much fun!  I'll admit, I'm not a soccer fan and don't even know the rules yet, but I am hooked.  This was his face after scoring his first goal. 

He went on to score four more. He would always turn around and take a deep breath like he'd just run a marathon. Very dramatic but oh so cute.

I was so surprised by how much he liked it and how aggressive he was.  I had my doubts that he would stay focused and really get in the middle of things, but he definitely did.  He loved it.

I think we lucked up with the best coaches.  They are funny, encouraging, engaged, and offer a lot of direction. His teammates are really good too. It's like the perfect set up for him to learn and to develop his first year.

After soccer, Miles and I came home and did a few things around the house.  This house is one big 'to do' list.  No matter how much we accomplish, there always seems to be a full weekend of work ahead of us.  I keep telling myself that we will be able to sit down in it soon and just enjoy it.  Surely that day is coming soon.

Sunday morning we went to church.  We are still on the church hunt.  We can't seem to find the right one, but that's a story for another day.  After church, it was time for more work around the house.  I have to take advantage of having Darrin home on Sundays since that's the only day we have to work.  He was a trooper after being out of town for the last few days.  We watched the Titans beat up on the Bucs...whoop whoop Mariota!!!....and then we washed all the windows in our new additions, which are the sun room and master bedroom.  

Miles helped a little and then rode around on his 4-wheeler.  That was much more fun.

It was a good, but exhausting weekend, as they all have been since June.  Today was Monday  By the end of my work day, this accurately described my feelings...

It's time for me to kick my feet up and watch some Monday Night Football.  Good night all!

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