Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Miles!

We spent the day celebrating Miles' "actual" birthday as he likes to call it.  First, we ate some pancakes with one eye open...

Then, it was off to school for our big six year old.

Darrin and I both took off early to pick him up in car line together. This kid has us completely wrapped around his finger.  He also has his Marmee, Granny, and Pa wrapped too. They sent him some birthday cash in the mail even though they spoiled him with presents just last weekend.  Miles gets the mail every day on our way in from school and he lives for the days that there's something for him.

He's been saving his money and finally saved enough to buy the Skylanders game for the xBOX.  That's how he spent the majority of his birthday night.

He did take a little break for some pizza, presents, and cupcakes on the patio.

Wedding cake for me, candy bar for Darrin, and bubble gum for the birthday boy.


At six, Miles is witty, tenderhearted, protective, and cautious.  He's less impulsive than a year ago, but is still emotional especially when he's passionate about something.  He's like Darrin in that he loves to be silly and will revisit a joke ten times if someone laughed the first time around. He's like me in that he has to be pushed into new things and he schedules his allotted ice cream days and video game time in great detail.  He enjoys the little things in life, but can sometimes have such vivid expectations that reality doesn't always live up.  There's nothing he loves more than quality time at home with us.  Happy Birthday, Miles Cooper! We love you!

Favorite color: Red
Best friend: Colin Stroh
Favorite animal: Monkey
What he wants to be when he grows up:  A contractor (going on 3 years now)
Favorite thing to do: Play his Skylander game
Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, Alli McMillan

(Miles & Alli)

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