Monday, May 11, 2015

Working the System

Miles got a little unhappy about having to come inside tonight.  He comes inside around 7pm every night, but tonight produced screaming, tears, stomping, staring neighbors (I don't blame them)....which lead to stern parents and an eventual spanking. Darrin dealt with most of it, so Miles began yelling from the bath tub for my attention.  For the record, this picture is from another night... 

I yelled back from downstairs and told him that I wasn't coming up and that he needed to do everything that his daddy told him to do.  He was exceptionally needy and went back and forth many times before he accomplished everything he was told to do.  When he finally go out, he told Darrin that he was crying b/c I ignored him and that he didn't think I loved him or cared about him b/c I wouldn't give him a hug.  #ourlittlemanipulator #knowshowtoworkit #heprobablygotthatfromme

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