Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Mother's Day!  We had a fun weekend, spending time with both our moms.  After their Lyme tests on Thursday, Darrin dropped Miles off at my mom's house since she lives 20 minutes from my doctor. He came home that night and my mom brought Miles home on Friday.  Friday night we just hung out at home.

I bought a desk on our local swap shop and have been busy working to it refinish it.  Darrin and I used wood filler to fill in all the holes earlier in the week.  My mom and I sanded on it for hours on Saturday.  It was a dusty job, but it looked so good when we were finished.  I'll post a lot more on that in another post just as soon as I finish it. 

While we were busy with the desk, Miles went with Darrin's parents to an anniversary party at Crystal's bank.  The weather was rainy, but it didn't slow them down.  They played in the rain...

Saw the animals at the petting zoo...

Rode the train...

...jumped on jumpies and ate snow cones and hot dogs. After the party was over, Miles went fishing with his Pa.  They caught 12 fish and Miles had a great time.

He played outside at home for the rest of the day and was beyond exhausted when it was finally time for bed. So much so, that a minuscule cut on his toe sent him into hysterics b/c it "hhhuuurrrtttsssssss".  It was traumatic. For everyone.

We went to early church this morning. It was raining when we left for church, but snapped a few pics when we got home.

Darrin's parent's, Crystal, Steve, and the girls came over for lunch today. Miles planned a "surprise" all morning. After everyone arrived, he asked me to have them to all come in the living room, where he proceeded to shoot rounds from his Nerf gun into the air.  We were all left scratching our heads over this surprise.  His gun jammed in the middle of his presentation, which flustered him a little, but he got through it.

We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread, fruit, and strawberry pie for lunch.  After lunch, we socialized.

Then it was time for obligatory Mother's Day pictures.  These lovely mothers are worthy of a few pictures, for sure.  

After our company left, Darrin and I consumed our day with watching the Players Championship on TV. When we have a Sunday afternoon to devote to watching golf, we will absolutely do it.  Today's finish was one of the best I've seen.  A-mazing.  Miles played outside all afternoon and even managed to clean out his tree house. He's taking good care of it for the new owners. 

Today's get together was our last in this house.  Now, it's time to begin packing and getting ready for our move in just 4 weeks.  But first, vacation is in 2 weeks!!  Let all the countdowns begin. We're ready.

Happy Mother's Day to our moms. We love you both and appreciate the ways you love us and invest in our little family.  We enjoyed spending Mother's Day with you! 

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