Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day I've Dreaded

Soon after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease I began to worry about whether or not Miles had it. Since there isn't much research about chronic Lyme, we still aren't sure exactly how it is transmitted.  I watched the documentary Under Our Skin (terrifying) years ago and it talks about entire families having Lyme disease. I talked to my doctor about testing Miles and his recommendation was to wait until we had a reason to test him.

Unfortunately, he's given us several reasons lately.  I've mentioned on here that he's had random fevers since the first of the year.  He's also had Fifths disease, sore throats, swollen lymphs nodes, and consistent headaches.  I got a little concerned during the bouts with fever, but for the most part, I think I've done a pretty good job of not freaking the heck out like I would like to.  Miles has a relatively low pain tolerance and he knows how to use key words to get my attention and concern.  I try not to show it but he's astoundingly perceptive for a five year old.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was when he told me he couldn't get the lotion out of the tube b/c he couldn't squeeze and tried to show me he couldn't grip.  Huge red flag for me b/c joint pain in my hands was my main complaint aside from my headaches and to my knowledge Miles has never heard me complain about that.  So, Darrin took Miles to my doctor in middle TN today to have blood work drawn to test for Lyme. Even though it's a lot more expensive to have it done there, I will trust the results completely. After all, I tested negative with a mainstream doctor over a year before Dr. Bernui diagnosed me with Lyme.  That's a whole year longer that I struggled with pain & no answers.

To make matters worse, I've also suspected that Darrin has Lyme for a while now. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a little crazy b/c when anyone complains about chronic pain, I would probably diagnose them with Lyme.  It's just my world.  He does share some of my symptoms, like headaches, neck stiffness, and fatigue, just maybe not to the same severity, especially on a regular basis.  I have wanted him to get tested for a long time. Today seemed like a logical time to finally get that done.

I expect the results to take 3-5 weeks.  I pray that my fears prove to be completely irrational and both of their tests come back negative.  I talked to Miles' teacher about his health for the first time recently and she had zero concerns about him while he is at school, which gave me a little hope that he's just playing the sympathy card with me.  How I pray that is the case.  If one or both of them test positive, I have no idea what the plan is.  I really don't. Financially, it would be very hard.  Emotionally, it would be heartbreaking. In the end, I understand that God has ordained our days and set us on this path. Nothing will catch Him by surprise.  We would love your prayers for negative results over the next few weeks.

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